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  • As far as I know there isn't an uninstall tool for the free version. In the past I have uninstalled that version from the Windows Control Panel with complete success.
  • Just the way it is worded, and yeah a little confusing. I assume that it is there so you can run a manual update whenever you want but you can of course check on when the last successful update was by clicking on the bell icon in the left hand column, any problems that need attention will be listed in the "Critical" tab.
  • Yeah, happening to me as well although BD is active. I keep getting this window on my computer (two computers in fact - annoying!) Trying to log in gives me an "Internal Server" error. Guess we will have to wait for BD to sort it out.
  • Are you saying it doesn't appear at all? It helps if you post your Bitdefender version and your Windows version. Bitdefender works immediately at boot, the Icon and GUI are loaded a while after boot, and there is no "awake" message with 2017. If you are using Windows 10 ensure that the tray icon is set to appear (right…
  • Wallet works for me. Firefox 49.0.2: Windows 10 AU: BD TS
    dans BD Wallet Plug-in Commentaire de Rohugh octobre 2016
  • Yes, the Widget is back between start-ups. Thank you Sorin G for the update.
  • This is a known problem and is being looked at. /index.php?/topic/72560-sent2devel-bitdefender-widget/&do=embed&comment=261007&embedComment=261007&embedDo=findComment">
    dans Security Widget Commentaire de Rohugh octobre 2016
  • Hiya, There is a topic /index.php?/topic/72509-sent2devel-keep-getting-enable-elevation-at-startup/" rel="">here . Technical Support has acknowledged the problem and forwarded it to the Devs for action. They also suggest to disable the Scan USB Device as a workaround until it gets sorted.
  • Thanks Sorin G. Not a major problem as the rest of BD seems to be working well. 
  • Yes, the 2016 key is valid for the upgrade. I have upgraded two computers from 2016 via Central without problems. When you uninstalled 2016 did you also check with Windows Control Panel> Programs and Features to also ensure that the Bitdefender Agent was removed?
  • Hiya, You should report this through the Sample or URL Submit page and let Bitdefender check it out for you. If it is a false positive they will correct it in an automatic update.
    dans Quicken 2016 Commentaire de Rohugh septembre 2016
  • From the "Hot for Security" write up - Quote And, if you’re wondering what could we possibly add to an already (close to) perfect security solution, we’re happy to report that Bitdefender’s 2017 line introduces Wi-Fi Security Advisor, which assesses the security of networks that users connect to on the go, such as those in…
  • Hiya, Try turning off the early boot scan, From the GUI> View Modules> Antivirus Module gear icon> Set "On-access" slider to Custom> Miscellaneous Tab> uncheck "Early boot scan" Confirm the slider is back to where you had it set.
    dans Long boot time Commentaire de Rohugh septembre 2016
  • 33 minutes ago, Nesivos said: 4. Widget did not auto-load on Windows restart even though I had turned it on before the restart. That that may have been do to an update after the install. Needs monitoring. Reading your post I realised that my Widget wasn't showing on Desktop either. I have been using another AV for a while…
  • I suggest you turn off Zemana AntiMalware, or better still uninstall it, reboot your computer and check the BD start-up optimiser again. This could be a conflict between the two programs.
  • On 20/09/2016 at 6:15 PM, ccboxes said: What's new in Bitdefender2017? There is a nice write up on their "Hot for Security" page with the new stuff if 2017.
    dans What's new? Commentaire de Rohugh septembre 2016
  • 25 minutes ago, Nesivos said: Can you run the 2017 installer and it will automatically do the housekeeping to replace 2016 with 2017? Hiya I assume that during installation it will detect any other AV and ask for removal, I seem to remember that is what happened when we updated to BD 2016. I was running Win Defender and…
  • When I click "Activate Code" on the GUI it opens Bitdefender Central with a smaller "Activate" window. Where does yours take you to?
    dans Unknown Url Commentaire de Rohugh juin 2016
  • Hiya, Contact Bitdefender on email at and ask their advice. I personally don't see there is a problem with using different email accounts as the important part is your license key. If you open Bitdefender Central with your current email and register your 2015 version there, when you add your new…
  • Support - How to turn off auto-renewal
    dans Turn Off Auto-Renewal? Commentaire de Rohugh mai 2016
  • Hello jmx92, Bitdefender 2011 products reached their end of life in January 2014 and are no longer supported. The latest version of Bitdefender Antivirus Free is this one but requires XP SP3 as a minimum requirement. Ro.
  • It is officially posted as that is the window you get when you click the BD AV Free download button. You assume it is working correctly but there have been reports from others who have tried using it with Windows 10 to say it was missing stuff. However, it is your decision to use it, I was purely pointing out Bitdefender's…
  • They do have a support page but it is inactive. They have said that it will be activated ............. sometime.
    dans Support Tickets. Commentaire de Rohugh mai 2016
  • If you are running Windows 10 without any issues then you don't need to even read the system requirements. Just go ahead and install free version: will work for sure. It is not currently compatible with Windows 10 - from the download window -
  • Hiya, I suggest you send Bitdefender an email asking what it is and if it is safe to delete it. Ro.
  • Hello. Could it be the same email address and password for between my.bitdefender & central.bitdefender? Yes, I used the same when I was swapping over.
  • And yet again I cannot log in to Central. Hitbit Working fine for me. I have to add there are times when it will not load but waiting a few minutes and trying again usually solves it.
    dans Central Not Working Commentaire de Rohugh avril 2016
  • Thanks, all worked well. Good. If you have any more questions or problems do not hesitate to ask.
  • Details for installing Bitdefender on Windows XP - I cant help with your email problem, you should contact Bitdefender at
    dans Xp Functionality Commentaire de Rohugh avril 2016
  • Hi, Maybe it is a problem that they are aware of but I suggest you send them an email outlining your problem, maybe link to this topic as well. email - Ro.