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  • Hi, There is a bug at the moment where the interface is not displayed properly on computers using Nvidia Quadro. The only workaround is to disable the discrete GPU. Our development team has been informed of this. Thank you.
  • Hi! Do you have dedicated graphics card? If yes can you try: - update its drivers > restart computer > check if the Bitdefender interface open - disable it from Device Manager. Let me know if in either case the interface opens. Thank you. 
  • Hi, Looks like the website does not have time to load before the VPN starts connecting, which causes the network connection to reset and the message is displayed then. I couldn't reproduce the issue, but in my case websites loaded before the VPN got a chance to connect. 
  • 20 hours ago, alokep said: So, exclusion list works for external websites, but does not work for link like (which is a web site hosted on the internal LAN)? Yes, though not all such websites seem to be affected. 
  • This issue was resolved in the French forum, but if anyone else receives such errors in Firefox, for all https websites, the steps to follow are: - open Firefox - press on the menu button in the upper right that looks like three bars one under another - go to Options - go to Privacy & Security - press on View certificates…
  • 8 hours ago, DoubleApaper said: after installation, I could not sign in... always UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER I have been trying for past 2 days, more than 10 times. Please help Hi! Can you try the steps in this KB article from our website? Let us know how it goes.…
  • 18 hours ago, Jota said: Ah, I understand. No I don't use tapatalk but a couple of forums that I do use are now owned and provided by tapatalk when they took over VB boards. Thanks for the reply. This would explain it then. Thank you. 
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  • Hi, The issue with Bitdefender Central has been addressed. Thank you. 
  • Hi, The issue with Bitdefender Central has been addressed. Thank you. 
  • Are you connected to a network immediately after Safepay loads? You should see a network icon in the lower right corner of the Safepay screen. That error would indicate that when Safepay is opened your network connection is at least temporarily disconnected. If you open Safepay manually from Privacy, is the internet…
  • Hi, Can you try to reinstall the product from your Central account? To uninstall: To install:
  • Hello, Please check in services.msc if the service "Secondary Logon" has the start type "disabled", if it has, set the start-up to manual, then try again to sign in to Bitdefender. A computer restart may be needed. Thank you.
  • Hi, If you cannot view secure websites on Firefox, you can try the steps mentioned in this thread, to import the Bitdefender certificate in Firefox: /index.php?/topic/80231-bitdefender-firefox-and-certificate/&do=embed" style="overflow: hidden;">
  • Hi, It's possibly a background element on a website you visit. The notification isn't indicating that the website is malicious, just that it's using a certificate that wasn't issued for its exact address. According to this: , it seems to be related to…
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  • Hi Mahdi, If your previous security solution has a removal tool on this page, please run it, then restart the computer: Afterwards reinstall Bitdefender and check if the issue is still present. You can use an uninstall tool for Bitdefender from this page:…
  • Hi, Can you try disabling Bitdefender features to see which one might be causing this issue?
  • Hi, The option should still be there: Perhaps the setting was reset after a product update. 
  • Hi, Is either issue resolved if you start turning off Bitdefender modules?
  • Hi, Most logging is turned off by default as the logs can occupy a lot of space on the computer, and in most cases they aren't needed. To turn logging ON, you need to copy the logger files from C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Security\logging next to the corresponding executable file (in the same folder). This can…
  • Hi, We have internal repro for the issue and the information has been forwarded to our development team. Thank you. 
  • Hello, To disable Bitdefender you would need to disable each module individually: You could also check if the issue occurs in Safe Mode with Networking, as Bitdefender is not active there, however it is not the only application that isn't active in Safe Mode, so…
  • Hi Donald, When you import a .db wallet file, you have the option at the end, to also import the information from your browsers. The option to import is enabled by default, as in the picture below. If you still have the original .db file, you could just import it once more, without importing any data from your browsers.
  • On 12/10/2018 at 5:17 AM, alokep said: BD is blocking access to my NAS, at The NAS uses self-signed certificate. How do I add this exception to BD? This is a known issue, and the only workaround at the moment is to disable Encrypted Web Scan. On 12/22/2018 at 6:14 PM, cthompgh said: I had…
  • Hi, In that section, banking domains that you've chosen to automatically open in Safepay (or not) will appear, allowing you to change your previous choice. If you wish to have other websites open automatically, you should create a bookmark in Safepay for that website and choose "Automatically open in Safepay" when creating…
  • 23 hours ago, gandu said: It happens to me when I install BitDefender Internet Security 2019 under a non administrator's account at Windows 10. Maybe ? I solved It openning BitDefender from Desktop's Icon as administrator (right click at BitDefender's Icon and then click "Run as administrator") It does appears that this is…
  • Hello! My apologies for the delay. You can download a removal tool from here: After running it, restart the computer, then try to reinstall Bitdefender from your Central account. 
  • Hi, Just noting here that your support ticket is currently marked as resolved. If you require any further assistance, let us know and we'll re-open the case. Thank you!