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  • -1 I disagree with you !!! why ? because ....... Greater use of RAM = to be run faster software That's what they are doing right now and it IS causing problems. They are demanding maximum resources for Bitdefender (insert name here) 2014/15 and riding roughshod over all other programs on the system. Even in game mode the…
  • Please close this thread it is going nowhere. I'm going elsewhere for phone protection as well now.
  • Surprised to see that There is not any reply or response on my this post from bitdefender team. I see that you are a new to this forum. Just so you know, Bitdefender Staff seldom reply to posts, if they do it is usually after more than 24 hours. This is a user community forum even though it is moderated by some Bitdefender…
  • From Total Security 2015 version what I can say: Improve perfomance: * Improve boot speed time * Decrease RAM usage to ( 90-120 MB RAM ) * Improve HDD usage it used a lot of my HDD (especialy when updating ). * Make program more stable especialy with logs and few users said about protection with IDS x64 bit.... Just…
  • My motherboard is a asus z97 and I am using AISuite3_Win7-8-8-1_Z97-Series_VER10083 which has a lot modules. At install time you can pick and choose which one to install and so far I have only installed the minimum that I need which is just: Dual Intelligent Processor 5 This module only do cpu monitoring / overclock…
  • Hi! I found on the french forum Microsoft does not recommend to use Ai quote out of a controlled test environnment. The problem would be the Ndis Asus (winptalker lightweight filter). Besides, Rohug stressed the point: bitdefender & Ai suite are not compatible. most messages indicate it is even necessary to reinstall Ai…
  • 1. It does work, unsupported on W10 TP 2. It is a heck of a lot better product than BD2015 Thanks for your non-official feedback You're unofficially welcome. I hope I'm wrong about this, I really do because I'm not enamoured with the current Bitdefender offering either. The 2013 products which got me interested in the…
  • Good luck with that. They are more likely to ditch it completely like Bitdefender Sphere
  • Gone back to Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition on the phone. It's the sole Bitdefender product I'm using right now. I got bored of the Full version flagging all my apps as 'moderate privacy risk', even the standard Google system ones. Mobile Security and Antivirus has the potential to be a nice package. However, there are…
  • Say it ain't so, Antikythera! You've been with us so long and helped so many. I wonder if the original poster has also checked his adaptor settings, under the Firewall, to make sure that those settings are correct: "Home/Office" or "Trusted", "Off" for Stealth Mode, and "On" for Generic? Have a great day. We will miss you…

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