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Help with choosing product


Hello and good morning/day/evening people! I need help with deciding which product to buy. My current subscription(family pack) expires in 18 days and was wondering if people here can provide me with information about the products. Can anybody explain to me the difference between the family pack, the total security pack, and the anti virus pack? I would just like to get specific info about them to help me decide. This year, I'm not getting financial help so I have to be picky this time. I'm looking for a pack that protects my laptop/PC only as I download a lot of stuff daily on them.


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    edited November 2016

    Black Friday pricing means you can get a year subscription of AV Plus or Total Security for $20-25...for most users, either will do great and cost a lot less than the fully loaded security packages.

    The primary thing you need is the AV, which the basic AV Plus has, and it uses the same golden scanning engine and real-time protection of pricier packages. The pricier packages add features like firewalls, encryption, spam blockers, ransomware protection, etc., but you can get free apps like Malwarebytes, uBlock Origins, Veracrypt, BitDefender's own Traffic Light add-on for Chrome/FireFox etc. to accomplish the same thing, or utilize the solid firewalls both found on Windows and Mac, or their venerable Whole Disk Encryption (BitLocker/FileVault2.) If your preference is for an all-in-one package, than Total Security is a great choice. Sometimes the larger security packages also consume more resources, so some people may prefer the basic AV packages over the more extensive ones. As a general rule, BitDefender security packages do a better job at conserving resources than most (Trend Micro and Kaspersky are also good names.)

    Like many other Makers, BitDefender has also incorporated a digital wallet and a bare-bones browser designed for secure safe payment. You may or may not want this, or you might already use something else (I use 1Password.)

    On their website they have a list comparing the different features in each package. If you compare AV Plus to Total Security and see features with Total Security that you think you will like to use that AV Plus does not have, then I would go for Total Security. If not, then AV Plus.

    I'm currently using Total Security because it was cheaper in a promo, but the only modules I use are also on AV Plus, so either meets my needs and I then made the decision based on pricing.