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BitDefender installs but doesn't run



I've just installed Anti-Virus Free Edition and it doesn't seem to do anything.

I download the installer and run it.

That then downloads more things.

When it reaches 100% it vanishes and nothing happens.

Now every time I restart it asks me to login to my Bit Defender, which I do.

But then that screen vanishes and nothing happens.

There's no system try icon or start menu folder.

It's listed in with the other programs in the Install section of Control Panel.

If I select uninstall there the icon disappears and it's gone like it never existed.

Very strange.

When I install it "BPInstaller.exe" remains visible in Task Manager but doesn't do anything.

When I reboot there's the BP Agent is visible in Task Manager during log in but vanishes after I log in.

I'm running Windows 7 x64


  • Never mind. I've given up and uninstalled it.

  • Hi FrankSmith, I am sorry to hear that.

    I will list a common solutions for similiar problems here, and I also invite other members to do the same. default_happy.png

    1. Make sure you don`t have any other antivirus software installed on your system

    2. Be sure to activate newly created Bitdefender account

    3. Always download BD from official website

    4. After installation completes, check if windows firewall is turned off, otherwise add an exception for Bitdefender client