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Thunderbird AntiSpam


This isn't as question as much as an opinion.  

I am using Total Sec 2017 and while I like it, I am quite dismayed over their worthless email antispam module.  Perhaps IF I knew it was so lame, i'd have gone with another product.  It doesn't work, and i had no idea why until I found a post in here that it ONLY works in POP3. 

Pop3 was great, 10 years ago, but virtually all email is now IMAP, and only people who don't know better still use POP3.  At the very least, BD should do both and if they deprecated pop3, not many would complain and it would likely push people to use IMAP.  But this to me is a fatal flaw in a program that's marketed as a 2017 program.   ONLY using POP3 is absurd and wrong.

I bought it, 'stuck' with it for 3 years and am unable to use it for 7 email accounts I manage.  This is absurd and wrong.  I hope they read these forums and fix it asap! If you agree, respond and the more who complain might spur them to fix it.