Bitdefender Services are not responding

Well as if I wasn't having enough problems I got this error message for the first time in all the years I've been using BD software (Win 7 64 Bit). Can you please point me to the Bitdefender Uninstall tool so I can rid my system of your buggy software? I've rebooted three times and the error is still occurring. UNACCEPTABLE !!!!

BD Critical Error.png



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    Same on my site. Suddenly during gaming, Bitdefender stopped working.

    I guess the cause is the VPN Update ( , I read something about this.

    I did a reinstallation but now, its not updating....

    Please take care of that, I think there are more users affected!

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    There are, I am a computer tech and we know of 6 of our customers so far. this isn't a few machine effected, because with you two this makes 8 i know of so far, and I am sure the number will climb, this is a bad update or something.

    Windows 7

    Windows 10


    Both are effected. Have not heard of a windows 8... yet...

  • Time to bring the technicians back into the office for some late-night fixing :D


  • Had the same thing happen to me and rebooted and now Bitdefender doesn't work at all.  Get this error


    Is anyone out there that can fix this thing?  Online chat isn't working.  Have they been hacked?


  • So I'm not the only one. I have also noted that the site seems to be out of whack, sometimes leaving 504-errors and randomly toggling between asking for my name/mail and "Our agents are not available at the moment" in the chat support.

    Anyone got an idea when this will be fixed? It's hardly a small problem.

  • Same here; happened right after a routine update

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    Yea, same problem here, just started system and having the same issue. Rebooted as suggested, but no difference.

    Also notice if I go into my account in central, it says I am protected?

  • I got it running again by uninstalling and reinstalling it.... but now I am not sure if I am 100% protected :-S

  • All my systems. ALL. I will not ever use nor recommend bitdefender. This is completely unacceptable.


    That is not a over reaction, this should NEVER happen!

  • Same for me, just started this morning :(

  • Same here, about half an hour ago, two computers are having the same critical error out of the blue while just browsing the internet as usual

  • I have the same problem. I got the same message, while it was updating. It suddenly stopped working, and it wouldn't restart after three reboots.

    I have the paid version of VPN.

    Windows 7, 64 bits.

    I contacted support before coming on here.

  • The same in Germany. :(

  • I have Bitdefender TS 2018 on 9 machines and they are all affected by this same error. Can't get a hold of support. I imaging they are flooded with people calling about this same issue.

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    Same here, about half an hour ago, two computers are having the same critical error out of the blue while just browsing the internet as usual. Mexico

  • Same here. Not feeling great about having my computer exposed without AV protection

  • Same here...had to uninstall...trying to reinstall now so we'll see if it works or not... This really should not be happening. Windows 10 pro all updates installed

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    Same here, just like everyone else. Not surprised that chat support is unavailable; must be overwhelmed with complaints.

    Interesting that our other computer had the update, but without incident. Mine originally ran Windows 7, but was upgraded to Windows 10; the other came with Windows 10.

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    This morning an update was pushed and required computer restart - after restarting (TWICE) the problem continues. I am not able to access BD at all, and am not protected. Using Bitdefender Total Security. 

    NO TECH SUPPORT - chat is not manned at all. This is probably the worst problem as I am rendered UNPROTECTED. This is the second year that I've used BD Total (renewed a recently - still 360 days remain) - since I'm unprotected I'm regretting switching from McAfee, at least they had tech support. 

    Looking for a solution here in the forum I was not able to find one and the only responses from "technical support" was rude complaining from the "tech" - guess they can't be bothered by paying customers. 

  • I had the same message and can't reach anyone via chat or phone. What's happened to customer support? I just renewed my Total Security - and now this.

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    Same error appeared whilst gaming. I re-installed Bitdefender TS 2018 but now it will not update. Windows 10 here.


    Update: I just recieved a notification "Update requires reboot to complete" updating...

    Update 2: On login windows said that my antivirus is out of date and Bitdefender will still not update, it's still broken.

  • Same here, I have BT Total Security 2018; it's nice that the Romanian phone numbers don't work neither!


  • Same problems here, this is third time in 11 months of using Bitdefender.

    I had NOD32 for more than 10 years and it never crashed this way, never!

  • Same here. Got through to support and they said it is a known issue. They told me they are working on a fix and to wait for an update.

  • I am having the same issue as listed above.  Cannot get through live chat or via phone.  Phone lines are dead.

  • Hello.

    Started my computer and Bitdefender just stop working tried to restart it like 15 times and tried to send a support E-mail and it didn't work so trying to post it here don't know where else to go with the problem.

    Windows 7 64x

    Thank you.


  • Same problem here.

  • Same problem here. Happened pretty much at the same time.

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    Same problem here happened about 50 minutes ago



  • Same here, no answer to the phones and no chat.  This least they could do is let us know they have an issue.  Really bad sign to me.  I share the opinion of the opeple saying this should never happen.  



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