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Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac says Devices limit reached despite not reaching limit

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Hello folks,

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is reporting that 'Devices limit reached' on my 5th device (out of 5), that I've just installed the product on. Screen shot attached. In my device panel though, there is only 5 devices (which includes the just added 5th device), so I should be able to use the product on this 5th and final device.

I've tried removing the software, re-installing, doing a Disk Repair (in safe mode), and removing the software again.

This 5th machine (of 5) is running macOS Catalina, version 10.15.4.

Any ideas on how to get my full entitlement of 5 Macs successfully installed & licensed (only 4 out of the 5 appear to allow to be licensed)?

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    Hi Everyone... So it turns out that no amount of removing / installing / re-installing the client will solve this problem. If you've tried every combination under the sun, just stop there.... Get onto the live-chat with Bit Defender, and they can do what they called a 'refresh of your subscription'.

    As soon as my support tech did this (refreshed my subscription), Bit Defender happily worked again, and my 5th device magically started working, and was no longer "At Risk".

    So don't hesitate to contact support... since they'll be the only folks that can resolve this for you (without you having to buy extra licenses).

    In a nutshell, it looks like Bit Defender Central "thought" I only had 4 licenses, when actually I have 5. The "subscription refresh" in the back-end sorted this clash out within 5 minutes =>


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    Hello Paul.R

    Thanks for the articles. Unfortunately neither applies to my situation. For the first article; The devices are constant in Bitdefender Central (are not coming / going / displayed at different times). They all have unique IP addresses and MAC addresses, aren't virtual machines etc.

    For the 2nd article, I have 5 slots, with validity well into the future. I have checked and rechecked my invoices for this, and it's definitely 5 slots (I've just never installed 5 until now). I can install on the fifth device (fifth slot), and it seems to install. But then the 5th device shows the original screen above 'Device Limit Reached', once the 5th device has BitDefender installed.

    So it's as if the 5th license isn't actually allowed, even though my license paperwork definitely says 5 (not 4).

    Attached here is a screenshot (with machine names blanked out -- but these are unique machines), showing the 5 machines, with the 5th machine as 'At Risk'.

    Thanks anyway =>

    Here is proof of licensing (currently it's May 2020, so still got plenty of validity...)

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    So as an experiment, I've removed one of the 5 devices (device 3 in this case), to see what effect this had on things. As soon as I did this, the most recently added Mac (Device 5), was magically protected / happily.

    Then device "3" now becomes the unhappy device, that isn't protected.

    So it's as if "5" licenses is actually only "4" licensed devices...

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