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Has anyone been having problems with product updates within the last couple of days? I did an update a couple of days ago, and it said that it was installing new files and required me to re-boot my pc, which i did. But since then, it has not updated. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I am running Bitdefender Total Security 2020 on Windows 10. Many thanks.



  • Hello quickwriter,

    I have the same issue. wonder if others are facing the same.


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    Hi Hash625

    What steps have you taken to resolve it?

    I spoke to tech support, but they weren't able to resolve.

  • Check my comment:

    I'm waiting for support's response.

    It seems that the program regurly checks for updates (on every 1 hour) and regurarly updates, but all successful updates are not recorded in the Notifications area.

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    yes, my last Product update was back on 25-6-20, and the last Engine update was today (28-6-20), just after 3.30pm UK time.

    you are right, this is unusual. i usually get about seven or eight Product updates each day, but there has been nothing for the last few days.

    Tech support were not able to resolve for me.

    Clearly there is a problem with the latest build.

    Hopefully they release a fix very soon. Otherwise, I may reinstall.

  • Hello,

    I noticed this issue after the Build happened. Finally I remembered to check the :"About" tool and saw that the threat database is being updated so the problem did not seem as important. I am glad to see other people have seen and opened tickets with Bitdefender.

    As long as the tech support people understand the problem it can be escalated up to the software people to fix issue.

    I did have a problem locating this site.

  • I am now getting the following message when I manually run a Product update. My internet connection is fine.

    "Update encountered an error (error code: -1002, Could not resolve server). Please check your internet connection and try again."

  • yeah, same for me... yesterday and today from time to time i get the same message... it happens when automatic update has been performed... also, the internet connection is fine, i can browse without any problems...

    like i said, something strange is happening with the update module... i had no problems at all with the previous build... the dev team should inspect these two problems immediately: 1. successful update hasn't been logged in notifications area and 2. an error message about the internet connection, while actually there is no problem with the connection...

  • Thanks for your update. I'll call tech support and see if i can get some more info from them.

  • garioch7garioch7 ✭✭

    Same issue here. Not all successful updates are being recorded in Notifications, but the "About" screen does show that my BDTS is up-to-date.



  • Just reinstalled, and all seems ok now. Getting regular updates again. will post here if any more issues.

  • I do get regular updates, BUT they are not being recorded in Notifications.

    Same as @garioch7 .

  • Same problem here. Notifications hasn't recorded any database updates since June 12, even after I forced several manual updates. Tech support asked me several questions that I had already answered, made me send them a log, and finally just offered the usual one-size-fits-all suggestion of reinstalling Bitdefender.

  • Reinstalling Bitdefender didn't solve the problem for me.

    And i did it three times using Bitdefender Uninstall Tool. Also, after that, i used CCleaner to clean the Registry and some junk files left by Bitdefender.

    But, still the problem persists.

  • ozziebearozziebear ✭✭

    I reinstalled BD and the product updates are showing in Notifications again.

  • Well, i think the problem has been solved by the Bitdefender team.

    Yesterday around 13:40 local time, Bitdefender did an update and after that asked me to restart the device.

    After device restart, all successful updates till now are recorded in Notifications.

  • garioch7garioch7 ✭✭

    The Update Notifications issue is resolved for me after the latest "reboot" update.

    Have a great weekend.



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