How to renew a license in Central?

Since BD made changes to the Central website i have problems renewing licenses for customers that i am supporting with BD. In the past i was able to enter a new licensecode for the customer and the existing license was extended. When i enter a new license code now, the only option is to create a new license and not to extend the existing one.

I already created two tickets for almost the same issue. Ticket 1005428094 and 1005443974.

Maybe i'm making a mistake so any help would be appriciated and i hope the forum response is quicker than the BD ticket system...


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  • Benny54Benny54
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    Central UI has been updated. Last week the renew option has been added to the new web interface.


  • Just talked to BD support and they are escalating this BD Central issue with high priority to the developers.

  • Benny54Benny54
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    And again i had to create two tickets for different customers: 1005446476 and 1005453982.

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