False warnings, then wrong license

I've used Bitdefender for several years and there is ONE THING that I find very annoying. Last year I had a license for ten devices. This year I started receiving the doomsday emails, your product is about to expire, "Danger Will Robinson...DANGER!".

So I decided to stop ignoring the annoying emails and renew a few weeks early...the problem is, despite Bitdefender reaching out to ME...they did not offer the correct renewal, a 5 device license was all that was offered, so I grabbed it. Then...to add insult to injury, I get a message saying I was setup to auto renew and did not need to do it myself, so they needed to cancel my auto renewal.

Come on folks, pardon my French but, "get your shit together!" If I don't need to renew on my own because of auto renewal, then don't bother me with pointless and ultimately irritating doomsday emails! Also, don't IGNORE the fact that I'm protecting 10 devices and only offer to sell me a license for 5 devices. This really makes you look like you do not have a clue about me as a customer. If I filled out a survey today that asked if, on a scale of 1-10, I though Bitdefender cared about me as a customer, you'd receive a 1 out of 10. It's obvious you do not.

I'm going to drop a reminder in my calendar for this time next year. If I start getting the fake, ""Your AV is about to expire and you need to renew" warnings, I'm going to take some time and decide if Bitdefender is still my best security option. Because I like your product, I have not bothered doing this for the last couple years. Your actions this year have made me reexamine my trust in you.

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