Upgrading from Free to Antivirus Plus, Free keeps re-installing... all the time.

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I have had Free for a while, decided I might as well get a more complete protection. But after uninstalling Free, installing the new one, Free keeps downloading itself and installing itself on top of the new one, at the end of the installation it even says something along the lines of "you have a better version installed, are you sure you want to continue? Doing so will overwrite it with Free", this is not the EXACT wording but basically that.

I have to cancel the download and installation about 5 times every time i reboot my computer. Also, whenever the installed version checks for updates or something like that, it also decides that it needs to download and re-install Free again... and again...

I have been in touch with Support, they told me to download their tool and get them a dump, problem is the tool won't actually save the file once done, so that doesn't work and after a few days of radio silence they sent me here since they apparently don't handle support for Free.

For the record I have uninstalled using their uninstall tools several times and upon re-installation the same problem happens again.

I really need to find a way to make this stop happening or I will have no choice but to refund and never touch this software again.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this I would be overwhelmingly grateful.

Thanks and have a good one.


  • jlstepper
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    Uninstall your BitDefender. Log out from your current BitDefender Central account. Restart your PC. Create a new BitDefender Central account with different credentials. Install BitDefender Antivirus Plus.

  • tohw
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    Thank you for the answer!

    I feel like I am unsure how this would work though, I have to check how the license is connected to my account, see if there is a way for me to transfer the license somehow.

    Do you have any information on how this all connects to the license that you could point me toward? If not, thanks anyway, you gave me a path to look into.