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Lack of antivirus engine detection

edited September 2020 in Protection

There is still no detective for the file encryptor called netwalker. Sample in the archive with the password infected. Please understand this situation.


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  • Hi, Flex

    Glad to talk to you again. It seems that this sample just detects the B-HAVE module of the antivirus with the definition of HEUR.BZC.PZQ.Pantera.50.1E621623. The detection of the OEM engine itself, as I understand it, is still missing. I draw the conclusion on the absence of a detector on the online analyzer VirusTotal and the scanner HitmanPro.


  • This is great! I similarly sent them a sample in the morning using the link you suggested. Let's see what the analysts will say.


  • Everything is very clear. Thank you for the useful information. It is not a problem. So, I think it's possible to wait for the detector to appear, especially the sample is guaranteed to be malicious.