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desktop application isn't updating to new subscription


I bought a new package (family) instead of renewing my current one (total). So, the new package started days ago but my old package doesn't expire for a few more days (have turned off autorenew).

  • I have gone to bitdefender central and changed my device allocation so that my computer and phone are on the new package but when I check my desktop application it is still telling me that my subscription is expiring in 4 days and wants me to renew.
  • I have tried downloading and installing bitdefender via the email link option (like a new user) and restarted my computer twice to no effect.

How do I get my desktop application to update to the new package/subscription?


  • CSchoon

    I had a similar problem with a renewal. I was not given the full time for the renewal. This is different from previous renewals I have done. I sent email to Bitdefender and no answer.

  • I faced the same problem. I followed the instruction about changing device allocation, from the My Subscriptions menu. After that, firstly I didn't notice any change on my desktop's application account so by searching a bit, I was driven on this topic. About an hour later Bitdefender app pops up a window that mentioned that my subscription was updating and I also saw the progress bar (about 90% at that moment). After that, I checked the desktop application and it was updated.

    So I imply that just, may it need some time to be updated.