Massive Memory and CPU usage

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I have Family Pack for 2 years after installing this software I can't use my PC at all. Memory is about 300mb, CPU is running 100%, Firefox browser is circling and connection drops. I uninstalled and now running smooth like butter. What is wrong with this AV software?

FYI, I have been using ESET Nod32 for 10 years without any issues, wanted to try Bitdefender and I regret. I might go back unless BD finds a solution for this massive issue.


  • Hello,

    I'm using the Free version on Windows 10 and the memory usage goes from 300MB to 5GB in a few hours, without any scan running.

    Don't know what to do...

  • Same for me, currently over 8 gigs. :( Reinstall did not help.

  • A memory usage of several hundred MB is normal for BDF. Do not compare with other AVs, as BDF is better protected than most free AVs. These memory usage amounts are also necessary.