Impossible to install Bitdefender on Mojave

Hi, I followed the instructions, allowed the installer to access on all computer but I just get Bitdefender installed and the uninstaller. From there I launch the BTagent app. I put my credentials and I get (picture one) an error! "For the moment Request could not be processed, try sing in again" systematically, so I go for another try

So another try at sign in and it works. Then I get the Bitdefender account page with credentials etc. I go to Bitdefender Central, I have to SIGN IN another time!!! I now am on the security dashboard. I try to add a device, my Macbook Pro, I have a page where I choose between products, I elect Security -eg- Antivirus, select the device and press ok. I get a your download is here advice (see the pic) but nothing is downloaded. Cliking on the yellow message does not do anything.

My network connection is fine, the app is not denied any access to the network, I have a valid license. What is wrong? Can anyone help?