Microsoft Edge Developer problerms

Hi all,

My PC is running fully patched up Windows 10.

I have three versions of Microsoft Edge install - i.e. Canary, Developer and Standard.

All work just fine until I install Bit Defender Total Security when suddenly the Developer version stops working.

When I click to run it it never opens. If I uninstall Bitdefender it works fine.

I've looked in every log I can find and cannot find an reference to it.

Any ideas please?

Thanks in advance,



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    Bitdefender does not guarantee the working of its product with the beta version or developers version of any vendor's software, since these software are not fully furnished version.

    If you are having any issue with the stable version of microsoft edge with respect to bitdefender, you can get help from the development team of bitdefender.

    But, as far as I checked, I was able to run edge chromium developers version with bitdefender total security installed.



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  • Well it doesn't work for me, and as a web/software developer I need it to work.

    I guess it will be time to change AV provider when my 15 machine licence expires.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond anyway :)