Bitdefender Causing explorer CPU usage to spike up

Since the last update I noticed that explorer.exe is spiking up CPU usage to 100%. When checking the process - I noticed multiple BD processes invoking explorer each taking around 11% which maximize CPU usage. after about 10 seconds it comes down and after a few more seconds spikes up again and repeats.

I'm attaching 2 thread invocation list (the stack) showing the processes.

Has anyone come across this?

Is there any way to fix this?



  • Teksonik
    Teksonik ✭✭
    edited February 2021

    Sadly it seems like Bitdefender has abandoned these forums. You could try opening a support ticket but good luck with that.

    Last time I did I came away more frustrated than before and the issue I reported is back. It was like interacting with people who had never used a computer before.

    Me: here's a screenshot. BD Support: "send us a screenshot". Me: I already sent you a screenshot.......argghhhh.

  • Thanks Teksonik. I'll see what I get, if things don't work - I'm sure Symantec would be happy. 😉

  • Yea I'm fed up with Bitdefender too but I've tried just about everything else including Norton. Only thing left to try is Kas and it's got a bad reputation. Not sure what other options there are at this point.