Device appears both Inside and outside the BOX network


The device I'm using the BitDefender Central iOS app on to control the Bitdefender BOX, shows all the devices connected fine inside the BOX network.

However it also shows that device a second time in the 'Outside BOX network' tab.

It shows it 'At Risk' but with minimal details i.e. no mac address.

Anyone know what's going on here?


  • JonD0H


    The device that is outside the BOX network may be one that you've previously registered with Bitdefender using a standalone install of Bitdefender security. IE: This may be a computer you were running another Bitdefender product on and it's licensed to the old license key.

    Once you own the BOX, you probably want to take advantage of the unlimited devices it covers on your network. In your Bitdefender portal (use the web page, not the app), click on MY SUBSCRIPTIONS. You should see the BOX and maybe an exiting/old license from another product. Click the MANAGE dropdown next to the other subscribed service (example: Bitdefender Total Security), do not select the BOX. Select MANAGE DEVICE ALLOCATION and find the service that has active device(s) attached - there may be more than one. Find the device you're having issues with and click on it. You should see 3 options. Select the option to CHANGE ALLOCATION TO BITDEFENDER BOX.

    OPTIONALLY: It sounds like the "at risk" device has an expired license. If the old service license is expired, you can probably uninstall Bitdefender off the device, reboot, and re-install Bitdefender Total Security on it.

  • RBD

    Thank you - It was a device I had previously registered BitDefender Mobile Security on.

    Re-installing it did make it appear as one device. I now don't have an 'Outside the BOX' tab at all anymore.