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Yesterday during a scan on my Android phone, Bitdefender Free found what it called a Riskware.Agent.gDKCW threat in a game called Arkanoid Collection, by Ales Apps. 

I wanted to know more detail so I extracted it using (App Extractor by meher) so I could scan it on my PC using VirusTotal. The results can be viewed here :-

Can anyone tell me what the threat actually means, because a quick google search doesn't reveal very much. 

The VirusTotal sections that look worrying are on DETAILS, Permissions and Interesting Strings. 


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    Beside malware researchers, no one can actually tell you the malicious functionality of the stated application. The only information you can get is the category of malware the application was placed into "Riskware"

    More information on riskware :



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  • Something is not right in Bitdefenders detection of the Riskware because when I installed it on my Nokia 6 2017 with Android Pie and my Asus Zenfone 6 with Android 11, it gets flagged as Riskware. But when I installed it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Android Nougat it doesn't say anything. So what is going on with that?

  • Ales Apps have released an update to the Arkanoid Collection (Feb 27th) that no longer flags as riskware.