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Error code (-2010)


I keep getting error code -2010. I changed DNS, rebooted and changed networks. Still get the message.

Any ideas on how to fix.


  • Same with me. Haven't been able to update for a few days now.

  • Me as well. It started todaay.

    Any idea on how to fix this?

  • I have the same problem for about two weeks.

  • Any update? Any technical support?

  • Same problem here for the last five days.

    Is anybody looking into this?

  • Mike_BD

    Hi Members,

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Those errors indicate that our update servers are in the middle of the synchronization process. When encountering one of these error codes, wait a few hours before trying to update Bitdefender again. If the errors persist for more than 24 hours, and you have a router firewall, 3rd party firewall apps, or network monitoring apps such as Little Snitch, temporarily disable them in order to see if Bitdefender updates successfully.

    To turn off macOS firewall:

    • click the Apple logo located in the top-left corner of the screen and select System Preferences

    • click the Security & Privacy icon, then access the Firewall tab

    • if it’s enabled, click the small padlock in the bottom-left corner of the window

    • enter your administrator password when prompted, then click Unlock

    • click the button Turn Off Firewall

    If the errors persist, try changing the DNS settings (I see @ptaylor459 already did):

    • click the Apple logo located in the top-left corner of the screen and select System Preferences

    • click the Network icon, then click Advanced at the bottom of the window

    • open the DNS tab

    • click the + button under DNS Servers and enter

    • click + again and enter 

    • click + again and enter 2606:4700:4700::1111

    • click + again and enter 2606:4700:4700::1001

    • click OK, then click Apply

    If this doesn't work, other causes might be at fault here, so most likely tech support team will ask for logs from each of you. In order for that to happen, you have to raise a ticket here:

    Stay safe,


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  • I had to download a new install of the product. During installation, it asks you to uninstall bitdefender, and then it re-installs. That fixed the issue for me