Safepay won't open Amex online banking

Over the last 3 weeks I haven't been able to open the Amex online banking site in Safepay. I get a message " We can't access your account". It was working fine prior to that and still opens in Firefox. Anyone else have this issue?



  • Alex_A
    Alex_A ✭✭✭

    I have a different bank, and the problem with Safepay also exists. I use OpenVPN or Bitdefender VPN, open an online bank in Safepay, more than four minutes, or it just doesn't open. If I just use a browser and any VPN, online bank works without problems.

  • Hello @Gregck ,

    The error is generated by the bank's server, and all the details we have are the same that are shown on the error page. In order to further investigate this we ideally require you to contact the bank and ask them what issue they are detecting on their end (the more technical the better) and then let us know. This applies to AMEX only, what @Alex_A tells here, most likely is an unrelated issue.

    I'm kindly asking to contact our tech support team by visiting , most likely some logs will be required.



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