Is there any way to turn off "suspicious connection blocked" notifications

I'm glad BD is working to keep me safe, but is it really necessary to spam us with all the popups? Yes, you're a good boy. Now go about your business and leave me alone.

For the life of me, I can't find the setting to turn those notices off. :(

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    Hello @SamRNSA and thank you for your feedback.

    This notification is triggered by the Online Threat Prevention module whenever the website you are trying to access doesn't have a SSL certificate(https) and that is not safe to access it.

    You can add an exception for the website in Bitdefender - Protection - Online Threat Prevention - Manage Exceptions, or, from the same area (Online Threat Prevention) - disable the Encrypted Web Scan feature which scans for the certificates of websites (not a recommended action).

    Efforts are being made by the developers to mitigate these notifications, especially the ones that are stealing focus and the alerts that are displayed consistently. 

    Best regards.



  • Hello @Blacksheep,

    Do you get this notification for every website, or just specific ones?

    Check this thread out and let us know if it was helpful:

    Stay safe.

  • I don't get the notification on every website. It tends to be websites with lots of ads, such as news websites. Looking at the details of some of the more recent notices, it would appear most often to be an analytics company with an expired certificate trying to establish a connection.

    I'm glad BD is blocking their attempt to connect. But I don't need to be told every time this happens. I want the software to just do the job in the background. I can check the logs from time to time to see what's going on. Let me know if something important happens, but for the background stuff - leave it in the background! There should be a way to turn these pop-up notices off, or at least reduce the frequency with which they appear. :/

  • Letang

    It's literally killing my productivity. The popup is every 5 seconds and can't be turned off no matter what settings I try. Probably going to uninstall

  • Why is there no answer posted here? This is ruining my productivity too! What am o supposed to do?

  • I called support they've created a ticket I'm sending them logs. Fingers crossed!

  • I couldn't reproduce it for my support ticket but along the way I added the website it was objecting to as an exception for online thread prevention, so perhaps that worked? Use "Manage exceptions" in the Protection section of the BD Security console

  • It 'worked' so far as they had you whitelist the site from being scanned for threats =/ Sounds like somebody just wanted to close their ticket.

    This doesn't answer/resolve the original inquiry - how do we keep protection enabled and stop the notification from spamming us? This is a unique notification... how and why is there no way to disable it? I get that BD wants users to know how much it's 'doing its job' but this is absurd.

  • Hello,

    The notifications are an important tool in monitoring and managing the antivirus. In some cases, notifications are triggered by the fact that the websites in the notification have an expired certificate.

    If you do not visit the website and you still receive these notifications, then your browser connects to it either through allowed notifications or toolbars/extensions. I suggest that you clear the cache & cookies, remove any unused/unknown extensions and if the issues persist, reset your browser. You can find these steps here:

    Alternatively, you can add an exception for the website in Bitdefender - Protection - Online Threat Prevention - Manage Exceptions, or, from the same area (Online Threat Prevention) - disable the Encrypted Web Scan feature which scans for the certificates of websites (not a recommended action).

    Of course, this is just an example, notifications can appear whenever other vulnerabilities or malware is detected and this is being done to alert the user of the potential threats. If a notification is critical for this, it cannot be disabled, but the source of the notification can be investigated by the Support Teams, to determine what is causing it and to what extent it can be mitigated.

    As we have received consistent feedback in regards to notifications and their behavior, the developers are currently working on improving their display and behavior, to avoid focus stealing and will also address the certificate alerts.

    Best regards.

  • Is constantly pestering the user by putting up an overlay on top of the screen over and over which prevents me from interacting with a part of task manager and constantly interrupts me while typing (has already interrupted me thrice while I typed this far) also an important tool in monitoring and managing the AV? The annoyance level is equivalent to a pesky virus that does nothing but open text boxes on top of the screen.

  • Hello @Pineapple and welcome to the Community!

    Efforts are being made by the developers to mitigate these notifications, especially the ones that are stealing focus and the alerts that are displayed consistently. If Bitdefender detects an expired certification or a possible vulnerability, it will continue to trigger them in this manner. Try to add exceptions for the most visited websites that trigger this type of notification, if you are absolutely certain they do not possess a threat. This should stop such notifications or reduce them considerably.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process.

    Stay safe.

  • Guys,

    This pop-up is really ****** annoying and you have to provide some utility so that we can turn it off in the dashboard.

    Yours, JM

  • These "suspicious connection blocked" notifications are KILLING MY PRODUCTIVITY. Yes... I know you're blocking and YES... I appreciate you keeping me safe. But you literally don't have to tell me every second!! I am logging into a hotel Internet and I have my Bitdefender VPN on, so I know I'm safe. But you keep flagging the hotel's internet provider. Stop it!! If there is seriously no way to turn this off soon I am going to have to go back to Malwarebytes. AND... as a professional speaker who speaks on cybersecurity, I promote Bitdefender to more than 50,000 people each year who attend my programs. I really do like you guys. I really do hate the lack of control I have to durn off these notifications. Please help.

  • Hi, I agree with all the above, these notifications are just a big annoyance, especially when I'm getting my VPN trying to connect and I cannot type a password nor anything else as these notifications keep coming in and steal focus from the input fields.

    You are offering a product/service which the more unnoticed it can pass by, the better it is. Having users coming here to report this kind of annoyances just shows how bad this situation is, also shows that you have users who are loyal to your product and are expecting a quick fix for this new problem, please take care of this.

  • Hello @Marcos_R

    Bitdefender VPN includes an autoconnect feature. This means that Bitdefender VPN can be automatically activated in certain situations, depending on your preferences and the operating system you are running.

    You can customize your VPN preferences from the interface. In the event you do not wish to use VPN and the notifications are not relevant, apply the settings shown in the below screenshots. This should disable any attempts by the VPN to connect and will also stop the notifications:

    I hope the information is helpful.


  • How is this not fixed? Every time that I go online at a hotel get this endless popup about suspicious activity. It makes working nearly impossible. I've time it and it has taken me over a minute to type these four sentences due to these seemingly ridiculous alerts. It is NOT a particular website that I can make an exception for. It is EVERY website when accessing from every hotel I've ever stayed at. PLEASE fix. Thanks

  • Hello @JustADude and welcome to the Community!

    If you are getting VPN notifications on a laptop while connected to a public WIFI network, then it's most likely due to the Wi-Fi Security Advisor and this is normal behavior.

    The Wi-Fi Security Advisor analyzes how secure a wireless network is, and when necessary, it recommends you to use Bitdefender VPN. Bitdefender Wi-Fi Security Advisor monitors the following networks: Home Wi-Fi, Office Wi-Fi, Public Wi-Fi.

    To disable the Wi-Fi Security Advisor notifications, do the following:

    1. Click Protection on the navigation menu on the Bitdefender interface.

    2. In the Vulnerability pane, click Open.

    3. Go to the Settings window and turn on or off the Wi-Fi Security Advisor switch.

    Let us know if this helps.

    Best regards.

  • I think many users would disagree with your first sentence. It is not important we know about these actions. It doesn't seem to be preventing us from accessing pages just giving us these annoying popups. It even does it while i have a game running and kicks me out of the game screen or a full screen video. It has kicked me out of text boxes when i am typing. At this point it is so frustrating i am considering disabling the actual protection to make it stop and its a big enough annoyance that i would not consider extending my subscription.

    We should be able to turn off notifications. This should have been a standard feature added with the actual notifications. We shouldn't need that many notifications. I think software developers have gotten very carried away with the use of notifications to the point of almost replacing the reigning champ, ads, as most annoying. If we have to micromanage our antivirus to the point where being told every little thing it is doing, then i would say that software might need to be rebuilt.

    Antivirus should run in the background out of sight and out of mind and only broadcast it's existence when their is a real threat. And i should not be forced to turn off major features that i paid for OR use a different antivirus because of these unnecessary notifications.

  • "Efforts are being made by the developers to mitigate these notifications"

    This sounds like turning off a notification requires extensive research and development. I'm pretty sure the developers know where in the source code this function can be found and it'd likely take minimal effort to make it optional.

    This notification is extremely obtrusive and implementing it this way was a design decision. Not an accident or something. This is a serious design flaw in your software and you couldn't care less. If you cared one bit you'd have fixed it years ago.

    As it seems, there's no hope you guys consider this an issue and do something about it. I turned off online threat prevention, which is not the ideal solution but still better than having that ghastly notification on top of all my windows all the time.

  • I think this is an example of developers notifying us that their beautiful code is protecting us even if those notifications hurt our productivity. (Earlier today I had to reboot to get a flood of this popup to stop.) If the capability exists to "whitelist" a web site then there could also be the possibility of "greylisting" the site - to keep blocking insecure connections with the site but do it silently.

    I've been using BitDefender for only a week but I'm already getting the strong impression I picked the wrong product!

  • reporting the same problem. please just give us the option to get rid of these notifications. Just came back home to a never-ending amount of these notifications -- it's been going for 15+ mins and i've closed at least 50 of them myself. This happens occasionally whenever i leave my PC idle or when my wifi suddenly disconnects. Will just cancel my subscription if this is not fixed soon.

  • I am having the same problem. These notifications are out of control and are hurting my productivity. This issue apparently is not getting any attention from the developers.

  • SERIOUSLY YOU NEED TO FIX THIS BITDEFENDER the focus stealing every 2 sec is NOT WORKING

  • Gjoksi
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    On the same matter, check out this comment:


  • Thanks for the heads up - this has me surprisingly optimistic.

  • Hello @mhernand61, @jumped,

    The product and development teams have joined forces on this task and they will come up with an improved throttling mechanism specific for these type of pop-ups from encrypted web scan, as mentioned in my comment quoted by @Gjoksi.

    This notification mechanism wasn't always like this. The developers found that most regular and well known websites have sub-domain URLs used for their newsletters, promotional campaigns and the lot, for example. Sometimes, they are using certificates with another name than the domain used by the website and this may trigger the notification multiple times in a short period of time. It seems it's a very common practice now and we are looking for effective ways to adapt to this and improve the notification mechanism. It will happen, trust me. 😉

    I have personally reported various scenarios encountered by the members of this community and included detailed examples of situations where notifications were triggered this way. And I can tell you that we are making progress with this task.

    In the meantime, the only available workaround would be to disable the encrypted web scan feature. Unfortunately, I have no other suggestions at this time.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • Absolutely laughable how you could even ship this software without an option to avoid these ridiculous pop ups.

  • What's more laughable is the fact that this has been an ongoing issue for godamned years and it's always the same bs response. This was the reason i stopped using bitdefender years ago, 2016 to be exact.







    It's not rocket science and it's not a hard concept to understand nor implement, we don't want or care about these notifications, we just want the software to do its job in the background.

    Stop acting like turning off notifications is some hard feature to implement, that response genuinely makes me think that if you're not competent enough to implement such a basic feature then you're clearly not competent enough to protect my devices and i should not be trusting your software.

    If you can't even control what your own software that you made is doing then why the hell should i trust you to be able to control and protect me from stuff you didn't create?

  • Hello,

    The antivirus keeps a detailed log of events concerning its activity on your computer. Whenever something relevant to the security of your system or data happens, a notification will be displayed.

    Notifications are an important tool in monitoring and managing your Bitdefender protection. For instance, you can easily check if an update was successfully performed, if malware or vulnerabilities were found on your computer, etc.

    Some notifications that are related to the functionality of the antivirus and the security of the device cannot be disabled completely. The issue here is related to the frequency of specific notifications, particularly the ones triggered by the Online Threat Prevention module. The proposed solution is to revise the throttling mechanism of the engine, for such notifications not to be carried out successively, in the event they are triggered by the same event.

    More information on how to stop the "Suspicious connection blocked" notifications can be found in the article below:

    The product development teams are aware of this situation and they are currently addressing the manner in which the notifications are being displayed.


  • I've been reading the same response for two years now. The developers are still working on it? That is either another lie or the developers really have no clue what they are doing.

    Two years and still no improvement, still the same messages that keep popping up and it is one of the most mentioned annoying factors of Bitdefender. "Some notifications that are related to the functionality of the antivirus and the security of the device cannot be disabled completely" if that is the answer from the developers they are basically saying that the code is so f*cked up that they can't change it unless they rewrite it.

    Two years is an absolute disgrace, I'm switching to another product next black friday / cyber monday.

  • @Annoyingmessageskeeppoppingup welcome to the Community!

    Well, you are absolutely right to assume that the notifications have been a subject of controversy for quite some time now. In fact, looking at other forums and competitor products, since you brought this up, it seems it's a hot topic in the whole antivirus industry. Have a look at a few examples below:

    It's no secret that we usually don't want to be bothered with notifications, especially aggressive ones and that's understandable. At the same time, an antivirus needs to provide the user with alerts whenever something potentially dangerous is happening. The majority of the notifications can be disabled, but first it must be established what is triggering them. In the event they do not behave as expected, the engineers can investigate and provide further assistance. What happened 2 years ago is a different story from now, as the threat landscape evolved considerably. But this is finally being addressed now, as the developers acknowledged a recurring issue with the throttling mechanism and we are pushing towards a resolution that will mitigate the amount of notifications, but ensure the user stays informed at the same time. It is work in progress. It is important to add that i'm not pointing at others to justify the notifications, the purpose of the examples provided is to raise awareness.

    Of course, it is entirely your decision to make, and regardless of the provider to whom you entrust the security of your devices, stay protected. And keep in mind that, notifications will always be a part of an antivirus, no matter the provider, as it can be observed from the various discussions on this subject, available on forums and websites.

    We certainly wish to keep you as our faithful user and we will find a way to improve the notification process.


  • I don't know how to quote excerpts of postings or how to use general BB codes on this forum so I'm going to fake it. I hope this is reasonable.

    From Alexandru_BD

    The antivirus keeps a detailed log of events concerning its activity on your computer. Whenever something relevant to the security of your system or data happens, a notification will be displayed.

    So keep the log. It is informative. But let us choose whether we want notifications displayed.

    From Alexandru_BD

    Notifications are an important tool in monitoring and managing your Bitdefender protection.

    This seems to be your "party line". It's hubris for BD to decide what we need for our systems' protection. Offer notifications as an option. Let us decide whether we want them.

    From Alexandru_BD

    Well, you are absolutely right to assume that the notifications have been a subject of controversy for quite some time now. In fact, looking at other forums and competitor products, since you brought this up, it seems it's a hot topic in the whole antivirus industry.

    Perhaps, but I used Kaspersky Internet Security for 10 years and was never bothered by its notifications. I've used Bitdefender for 2 months and am looking at alternatives. Bitdefender is irritating!

  • @pokeefe0001 your post is absolutely fine, well quoted.

    The key here is to find the middleground so that notifications are not intrusive, but still keep the user informed of the events that are taking place on the device. The notifications cannot be simply ditched altogether, as this defies the purpose of awareness when it comes to threats and potentially dangerous content and activities. The informative notifications are designed, along with other features that the product has to offer, to suit the mass of users and while it's understandable that users may have specific needs and that there are situations in which notifications are not of interest, the notification flow must be improved and aligned for both advanced users and less tech savvy users as well, to meet overall requirements. Because there are also users that wish to be kept informed of everything that happens on their devices and value the information displayed by the notifications.

    There are, of course, ways to manage the notifications displayed in Bitdefender to set preferences. According to the notification type and message displayed, in-product adjustments can be made by the user to choose how the product communicates and what notifications should be shown or disabled.

    DIVERSE ✭✭✭
    edited July 2022

    I have also found some of these notifications irritating, though I haven't gotten them quite as often as some other respondents. I think the message from the community to the developers about not liking this current (default) behaviour is clear enough.

    To further encourage specific action, I would suggest now that constructive proposals for particular solutions be posted to the Product features and ideation section of the forum.

    For example (as hypothetical separate proposals):

    • "grey-listing" on a per-site basis (block without notifying);
    • choosing which notifications to show in popups (e.g. "Virus detected") and which not (e.g. "Expired HTTPS certificate") on a per-notification basis;
    • enable users to categorise threats as (say) "Extreme" (block threat, show popup & log), "High" (block threat & log only), "Medium" (log only), and "Low" (do nothing).

    That way the user community can vote to show support for a particular alternative for improving this.

    It will also allow a clearer distinction to be made between the requested functionality and the current functionality accessible through changes to the settings. (E.g. "There are, of course, ways to manage the notifications displayed in Bitdefender to set preferences.")


  • "The key here is to find the middleground so that notifications are not intrusive, but still keep the user informed of the events that are taking place on the device."

    After 8 years, I switched from Adaware to Bitdefender this year and I am a happy camper. However, this constantly non-stop non-mutable notifications of suspicious connections being blocked is really killing my appreciation.

    IT IS important to alert users of events, however, I think the proper "middleground" is to LET USERS DECIDE what need to pop-up, what can just be logged in silence. This brings me the memory of Windows 10 updates, which at the beginning was forcing users to restart regardless what users wanted to do. We know how that story went. In a similar fashion, I believe Bitdefender users should have the RIGHT to decide whether they want to be interrupted and lose focus of the current window/application by a notification.

    To clarify, i like the facts that Bitdefender is blocking stuff, but it should be up to the users to control and decide when they can be bothered by what type of events. This does not affect the functions of Bitdefender, just an option to mute notifications, that's all.

  • I can see that since I posted the same complaint as others a while back nothing really happened (just more complaints) and perhaps in good faith I can believe that efforts are being made by the dev team.

    I feel that users vs PMs/Devs are not on the same page.

    User: want no popups

    Dev: User need more popups for own safety

    Why can't Devs understand that 99.999999% of the users will do nothing if they get a notification like that, I don't even know what I am expected to do when I get this.

    So why do you insist on that we MUST SEE THIS EVERY SINGLE TIME? It is pointless, in the months I have been suffering from this I must have received thousands of this notification without a single action from my side (besides googling how to turn it off, finding the forum and complaining)

    If I could buy an anti-bitdefender notification app I swear to god I would buy it. Or if I can switch to another software without the hustle of subscriptions, installations on various devices, etcI would immediately do it, but I can't.

    This hustle will soon become less of a pain than this bloody retarded notification policy.

  • Scott
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    Hi @Zsenialis

    Please confirm that you are on the latest build, as it includes a patch to set as many of those pop-ups instead to be logged into the Notification panel from the main Dashboard.

    • ✔️Fixed: Pop-up throttling mechanism for Encrypted Web Scan notifications. Before, a pop-up was triggered for every dangerous connection attempt, which can happen continuously. Current behavior: Log events for each incident, but limit the amount of pop-ups that get displayed. First detection will be displayed as a pop-upWe continue to block suspicious connections silently, in the background. You can review them in the Notifications area

    Other miscellaneous notifications can be adjusted by following this and Gjoksi's follow-up post.

    Kind regards,


    All Bitdefender Home Product User Guides:

  • @Scott my version is I tried updating but it says that it is up to date.

  • Gjoksi
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    Bitdefender regularly releases updates to enhance product performance, add features, and improve security. The current version of Bitdefender was released on August 2, 2022. The build number is and includes the latest bug fixes and performance improvements.

    ⓘ Note

    If your Bitdefender doesn’t have the same build number, keep in mind that product updates are rolling out gradually to all customers, and your PC may not have the live build just yet.

    Once the staged rollout update reaches 100%, it is automatically downloaded and installed.

    Then, Bitdefender will recommend a Windows restart to get the latest benefits included in the new version. This is not always the case, because some product updates do not require a Windows restart, like the latest build, which was applied without a Windows restart.

    To verify the build version of your Bitdefender product:

    1. Right-click the Bitdefender icon in the System Tray (the Notification Area on the right-hand side of the Windows Taskbar, next to the Windows clock), and then select About. You can refer to the image below for help if you have difficulties finding the Bitdefender icon in the Windows notification area.
    2. The build number is displayed under Product information.


  • I think the issue is getting more and more annoying after the recent Free version update not only with ads sometime.

    Before the update, I am very satisfy by it, all minor suspicious behavior are blocked in the background, no need to worry.

    Now, every single little detection are a notification and they overlay on everything include all full screen applications.

    So if you are just casually full screen watching movies, it overlay on it.

    If you are just gaming, it take over your mouse and controller input and change focus to it.

    I want Bitdefender to do the great work silently, not taking the spot light every time it did something.

    The link provided by @Alexandru_BD ( is only for paid account, free version are forced to receive these annoying popup and no way to disable them

    FYI, I am using Bitdefender Antivirus Free Build

  • Hi @jasonycw,

    Do you receive such notifications for a particular website, or multiple ones? If the notification appears without accessing the page directly, it is possible that your browser connects to it either through allowed notifications or toolbars/extensions. I suggest that you clear the cache & cookies, remove any unused/unknown extensions and if the issues persist, reset your browser.


  • BD Support are you kidding?

    Just let us choose whether we want notifications displayed or not.

    I know you are trying to keep our data safe etc., but just keep this annoying message "Suspicious connection blocked" in the logs. That's it!

    Btw your guide how to turn off "Suspicious connection blocked" not working! I have enabled Work Profile, but it keeps notify me every time. So you want me to add suspicious connection page in white list to turn off notifications about it? Cmon guys.

    Just give us option to turn off some notifications!

    I'm using version.

    I think I will refrain when my license expires and will not buy BD product again.

  • Hi @phant0m213,

    The antivirus does provide options to disable/enable notifications. However, some notifications that are strictly related to the security of the devices cannot be disabled completely. If you have followed the steps described in this article , but the notifications are still being displayed, one way to resolve this would be to ask our engineers for assistance. They can have a look and see exactly what is triggering this notification. The second way to temporarily suppress these notifications would be to disable the Encrypted web scan feature under Protection -> Online Threat Prevention -> Settings:

    However, this is not ideal, as the feature flags untrusted certificates as per its description and this is a matter of safety, after all.


  • why on earth can you not maintain the log but disable popups? it is absolutely not necessary to continually interrupt the user with popups. they are infuriating. i have been putting up with them for a month but i am at my wit's end.

  • Ah, but the BitDefender nanny obviously knows better than we do. We need to be interrupted from our trivially unimportant work to be notified that BitDefender is busy protecting us. If we don't like the popups it just indicates how unappreciative and selfish we are.

    It's odd how other vendors just don't seem to care. I went for 10 years being interrupted by Kaspersky only when I actually needed to take some sort of action.

  • miwoj
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    i came here with same problem. constant annoying popups every 5 seconds are absolutely awful and i'm about to uninstall Bitdefender because of that. it's unacceptable.

    but WOW, i see this thread is going for almost a year and whole this time admin @Alexandru_BD here is adamantly refusing to acknowledge the problem, being completely useless, and making bizarre excuses that constanly spamming popups is absolutely critical for security so nothing can be done and we're dumb for even trying to disable it ...

    ... WHILE ALSO saying that completely disabling protection or whitelisting dangerous links are good solutions, but staying protected and NOT being reminded of it every 5 seconds would be absolutely unacceptable security risk.

    it's simple. keep blocking dangerous links, stop telling me about it about it 400 times, i don't need to know. there. how hard is that?

    i don't get why are you being this weird about this Bitdefender. i'm going back to Kaspersky.

  • Hi @miwoj,

    I believe there is a misunderstanding here. The 'suspicious connection blocked' notification should not be displayed with the aforementioned frequence and most certainly not 400 times for the same detection. This specific notification mechanism was improved following the below update:

    Clearly, in this particular scenario the issue lies somewhere else and there are a few basic troubleshooting steps to follow, that may help fix the behaviour for these pop-ups, which can be found in the article below:

    However, the notification cannot be cancelled altoghether, as it has to do with the Encrypted web scan feature and the security of your device. Disabling this feature sometimes helps, but it's not a recommended action, therefore the trigger should be investigated as well. This way, the threat can be eliminated and the behaviour of the notification is corrected.

    Based on your description of the issue, there are several things to consider. First, what version of Bitdefender are you using? Is your antivirus up to date? When was the first time you saw this notification and have you followed the instructions from the above article to troubleshoot the pop-up behaviour?

    Last but not least, if the root cause cannot be identified, the engineers can perform a remote session on the affected device to fix this. In the event the pop-ups are displayed in a successive manner and all attempts to stop them fail, kindly get in touch with our Support teams by choosing one of the contact channels available at the link below:

    Let us know how it goes.


  • Absolutely agree with you spacecoyote. We just need to have ability to turn off this popup notifications.

    Alexandru_BD thank you for reply, but I think that's not the solution.

    I know that antiviruses have options to disable/enable notifications. However, in this case it's not working on Bitdefender and as you can see customers complaining about it and you guys just telling us that's not possible.

    Also, as I wrote before, I already followed the steps described in this article, but it's not working. I don't think that to turn off some notifications we have to ask your engineers for assistance. Just give us option to disable popups, that's it. 

  • Cosmin P.
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    For the moment there is no option to disable all popups. There is a mechanism in place with the latest versions of the product that will reduce the frequency of this popup, but nothing more.

    Hoping this will change soon.