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How do I upgrade from Antivirus to Internet Security?

I used the Antivirus license last year, this year I went with the Internet Security Product. When I received the installation link in my email, it asked my account and I logged in, somehow I'm getting looped back to the console where I see my device and only see the Antivirus product and nothing related to the Internet Security product. What can I do?


  • Some additional information: My account last year for the Antivirus project was under email A. The account that purchased the Internet Security product is email B. So, email B sent email A an installation link.

    According to the installation window, the license is under email B's account.

    I am running into trouble because as part of the installation, it asks my email... since I cannot re-register email A, then I sign-in and it takes me to the bitdefender console where it only shows my previous suscription. Does this make sense?

    Am I going to have to create a new email to install the new product in all of the devices that previously had just the antivirus?

  • Hello @happyMac and welcome to the Community!

    To get to the B account where your Internet Security is, you will have to do the following:

    First, switch the account by following the steps described in the below article (refer to the Windows section):

    Then, look for the activation code in the confirmation e-mail you have received following the purchase.

    In both the Central account and the Bitdefender product, you should be logged in using the B e-mail address.

    Enter the activation code in the Central account associated with the B e-mail address and the validity should be updated in the product as well.

    Let me know how it went or if you require any help.

    Best wishes.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user