VPN subscription offer not working.

Hi there.

Why is the 30Euro a year offer from https://www.bitdefender.nl/media/html/consumer/trial/vpn-opt/?force_country=nl&campaign=RENEWAL-CPG-VPN-XZH&event=RENEWAL_UP_VPN&channel=IMM&l&ems-cid=3561&ems-uid=LDRgBjH4Oy not working when you get to the cart page https://www.bitdefender.nl/site/view/cart-page.html?campaign=RENEWAL-CPG-VPN-XZH&from_site=1 where you cannot use the button to go to the payment?

When I choose "Upgrade to Premium" in Bitdefender VPN itself it also goes to a similar offer: https://www.bitdefender.nl/media/html/vpn/?cid=ipm|c|imm|vpn_renew|nl but when you go to pay it says invalid coupon code and reverts to the 50Euro a year non-offer.

Is it a psychological test to see how many people would continue with the 50Euro anyway? :-)

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  • Hello @UniqueDutchman and welcome to the Community!

    I have tested the first link and I got to the point where I am required to enter the e-mail address of the Central account. The price displayed is 30 EUR and I have included a screenshot below:

    Usually, if the discounted price is no longer displayed, the offer has expired.

    In this particular case, I would recommend accessing the link in the browser's incognito mode (as I did), because the cache and cookies stored by the browser might influence the manner in which the content is being displayed.

    If the desired price is still not shown, please get in touch with our Commercial Support Teams by choosing one of the contact methods available here:


    The Support Representatives will be able to correct this or provide an alternative link.

    Best regards.

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  • Well, I don't know about that @GregoryP 🙂

    We do offer various discounts for the Premium VPN as we have several major campaigns over the year. As a matter of fact, the service is being offered at a special price as we speak, check it out:


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user