VPN prevents Thunderbird from sending emails on smpt server

Bitdefender VPN prevents Thunderbird from sending emails on my Dodo smpt server. I can receive them but not send them without I turn the VPN off.



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    Follow the steps described in the link below and let us know if this was helpful:

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  • It worked but I found it a bit difficult to do.

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    Sometimes, additional settings might be required. I am sorry to hear you have encountered these difficulties.

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  • I thought at first it had worked but then realized it hadn't so bitdefender VPN is still presenting me from sending emails.

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    I gave up trying to solve this issue. I have three eMail accounts:

    1) Outlook (@hotmail.com)

    2) Gmail (@gmail.com)

    3) My local Videotron (@videotron.ca)

    Ever since I bought my VPN, I cannot reply or send new eMails when the VPN is turned ON.

    I get blocked by «spamhaus.org» which has a http instead of https address. It bothers me, but the only way around it is to Turn OFF the VPN --before-- I reply and/or send a new message.

    EDIT: I have Windows 10

  • Does not work. Comcast refuses the connection. Thunderbird: "Could not connect to server mail.comcast.net; the connection was refused."

    Split tunnel gives same result.

    Comcast has their own vpn; if comcast sees a vpn, and it's not their's, you're not getting in.

    Somebody show me how i'm wrong.

  • Just had the same issue.......... tech support working on it.

  • @sabaca I have noticed that our engineers replied to you 3 days ago proposing a time for a remote session on your device to address the issue. Kindly reply to them with your availability.