Bitdefender Password Manager Subscription For Two Users

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We are using Premium Security and because it is available for up to 10 devices my husband and I both have devices on the one subscription. I have assigned each device under the profile as to who owns what device. Up to now we have both had our own Wallet on our computers.

With the upgrade to the new Password Manager I have learnt that it is only possible to have one Password Manager per subscription.

Bitdefender on my computer was the first to upgrade so I went ahead and moved passwords from the Wallet to Password Manager leaving my husband not being able to use the multi browser Password Manager.

I would like to see a Password Manager that could be assigned per user especially as there is now no option to have the Wallet.

I would also like to be able to choose when I sign into the Password Manager and not have to sign in each time I open the browser. Very annoying especially when you close the browser by mistake.

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