Bitdefender Total Secure on Windows 10

Hello, my name is Lyubomir.
Im using Bitdefender Total Secure. If have any chance to protect Bitdefender with password to cannot uninstalling. I put parent control to my kid laptop, so he can study and don't stay so much in the computer, but he realize that is in on Bitdefender and every time when i install it he is uninstall it. So if it have a chance to put password for uninstalling only in Bitdefender Total Secure.


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    If you set the Password protection ON, anytime you want to change some settings in the app or even want to uninstall the app, you will be asked to enter the password. Without entering the password, you won't be allowed to change the settings or uninstall the app.

  • This isnt work for me.I try this.Even if i set the password it give me access to remove the bitdefender.
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    Hello. Other than the question, setting the access right of Bitdefender, I think there is a way to change the level of the Windows login user from the administrator level to the PowerUser level and not give the privilege of the administrator level. With that method, you will not have the authority to change or add settings unless you confirm the operation authority, install, and uninstall authority of applications other than Bitdefender with the administrator. How about this method?

  • Instead of touching Bitdefender's access rights settings, it's at the level of your Windows user account.