New Bitdefender Premium Security – Malware Protection, VPN and Password Manager in a single bundle

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The global security climate has changed dramatically since the days when cybersecurity was just about protecting a device from malware. People now have different expectations, and needs suited to a more complex security landscape. The new Bitdefender Premium Security bundle fulfills all the security needs in the digital world of today, and tomorrow, by integrating state-of-the-art protection, a complete VPN solution and a dedicated Password Manager.

Device protection remains a core need for any user, but locally stored information is no longer the users' only vulnerability. People now exchange vast amounts of private and critical data, sometimes without even knowing it. Only specialized software can keep that information safe.

That's why Bitdefender offers a new bundle covering all security needs, which in this case includes a VPN solution and a brand-new Password Manager that seamlessly integrates into all major browsers, letting users deploy complex passwords without having to remember them.

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    And as of now (it could change soon) is a link for a 90 day trial of this Premium Security bundle. It's under the main title of the article, next to Silviu STAHIE's name. That's a very generous offer :)

    Or, buy it with the incredible discount they're now offering.

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