Six tips to help protect your privacy and wallet against phony Instagram giveaways

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edited April 2022 in News & Blogs

It’s hard to resist a freebie, let alone one of the latest smartphones. According to recent reports, scammers are back to their old ruses, targeting Instagram users with fake iPhone 13 giveaways.

The fraudsters set up phony Instagram accounts and bait users with tagged messages that say they’ve won the latest Apple smartphone. Users who unknowingly interact with the bogus post and click on the embedded link are directed to a phishing website where they are asked to enter personal data alongside credit card information. Instead of a free phone, Instagram users end up fraud victims.

Freebies and sponsored giveaways are not uncommon on social platforms such as Instagram, so it’s reasonable to say that fraudsters choose digital networks with large audiences to phish for gullible targets.

Scams and fraudulent ads are posted every day, and while you may think you’re cyber-savvy enough to avoid getting duped, it only takes a second of inattention to get caught off guard.

Take a look at our tips and tricks that help you triumph over any bogus giveaway scams on Instagram:

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