How to turn off asking for master password every single time I reopen Chrome

I just migrated from LastPass to Bitdefender password manager but it literally asks for my master password every time I open Chrome.

My windows already has a password so I shouldn't have to do this every single time, might as well just use the auto fill if that was the case as I don't want to have to keep tying a password any time I want to use a password...

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  • I just loaded Bit Defender Password Manager and I have this constant request to open the Master Password everytime I want to access Chrome. This is August 19, 2022. Was this issue fixed ? If not I am going to cancel my membership.

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    Hi @senilecitizen

    Please confirm that you have checked the Remember me box when you login. This will save the password until you restart your device or Logout of PM.

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  • January 26, 2023. Remember me works fine as long as that iteration of Chrome is open. When you start a new iteration, it asks yet again and for each subsequent closing and opening of Chrome. Any plans on fixing soon?

  • I use Firefox and exactly the same thing happens even after ticking Remember me.

  • Exactly the same with me 15/05/23 nothing has changed it would seem.... ticking the remember me box does nothing !! going to ask for a refund will just use google auto fill

  • Hello @hiacekim,

    I'll share with you a couple of insights on how the 'Remember me' feature actually works:

    'Remember me' is displayed at the screen asking for the master password.

    After checking it, you will not be required to enter the master password, as you will be logged in automatically.

    Using 'Remember me' does not mean that you will never have to use the Master Password again. As it is easy to forget the master password, and due to the security concerns in case the device gets lost or stolen, the user will remain logged in for 72 hours, after that the master password will be asked for again. However, if you are using the browser or the application actively every day, the 72 hours window gets refreshed every 24 hours.

    If you have inactivity lock with logout option enabled, then it is normal for the password to be asked again, since you are completely logged out of the account.

    On mobile devices, the user is still required to enter PIN/biometrics, to ensure the device is in the correct hands. Note: If there are any security concerns about “Remember me’, you can use Inactivity lock with PIN unlock. This way, you can still use “Remember me”, but the extension will be locked when inactive, as an extra layer of security.

    Now, there are a couple of questions to ask before concluding that the feature doesn't work as expected:

    • Was the 'Remember me' box checked when logging in?
    • Did you log out manually from Password Manager? – if yes, that’s normal.
    • How long ago did you check 'Remember me'? – the feature is time limited to 72 hours.
    • Did you use the “Secure me” feature targeting the device with the issue? – if yes, that’s normal, as you were logged out.
    • Did you enable Inactivity lock with logout option? - if yes, as mentioned above, that is normal as you were logged out.
    • On mobile devices, are you asked for the master password, or PIN/biometrics? If PIN/Biometrics is requested, that’s normal, this is asked for to ensure the device is in the correct hands.

    I hope the information is helpful.