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Netgear Armor and other Bitdefender services


I asked this same question in VPN's, but I think it might apply her as well. If you have already seen it, sorry and go ahead to the next topic, Thanks!

I have a Netgear Mesh router and I got Armor from Bitdefender activated with it. So that it supposed to help take care of any threats that come to the WIFI. Then, Armor gives other services as well and so I install the app on my Mac. I also have the normal Bitdefender VPN, and I also have it on my iPhone as well as Mac. I also have internet protection turned on. When Bitdefender said they were moving from the main app to another VPN app, which it still shows even today on their main app - it talks about protecting you using some kind of DNS monitoring or changing, and I don' know if that is the VPN or Internet Protection. So I am confused,

Will these different services negatively interact with each other? What is the general difference between the router Armor security, the Mac and iPhone security and the macOS/iOS VPN's vs the Router Armor VPN? 

I hope that makes some sense and appreciate any constructive help. Thanks.


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Seakinski and welcome to the Community!

    The main difference is that Armor protects your devices while they are connected at home and Bitdefender Total Security, Mobile Security and VPN take over the defense role when you are not connected to the secured home network, while you are on the move.

    So there is a cohesion between them and each solution serves a specific defense purpose.

    Best regards.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user