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Mail via pop3 is not scanned



I am new to Bitdefender Total Security after migrating from Kaspersky Internet Security (we all know why 😱 )

Bitdefender Total Security Version:

Thunderbird 91.8.1 (64 bit)

When I set STARTTLS encryption in my e-mail configuration, Bitdefender doesn't seem to scan e-mail.

But when the encryption is set to "plain text" (this is not a secure option), in the headers of incoming e-mails I can see:

X-BitdefenderWKS-SpamStamp: Build: [Engines:, Stamp: 3],
 Multi: [Enabled, t: (0.000009,0.004204)], BW: [Enabled, t: (0.000029),
 whitelisted:], RTDA: [Enabled, t: (0.049689), Hit: No,
 Details: v2.36.0; Id: 15.52k35t.1g15voreo.1k5mc; mclb], total: 0(775)
X-BitdefenderWKS-Spam: No - 0

Does Bitdefender not scan e-mail messages when starttls is set?