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How to edit a CSV file to import data from unsupported apps into Bitdefender Password Manager


The below article will guide you stepwise to prepare a CSV file in a format compatible with Bitdefender Password Manager, so you can easily import your data from unsupported password management applications. If you currently keep your passwords in a text file or spreadsheet, this method will also work.

Bitdefender can import data seamlessly from a predefined list of web browsers and dedicated password managers. Here you can find the complete list of programs from which you can easily migrate your accounts. But how do you transfer your passwords if they come from other sources than those recognized by Bitdefender Password Manager? To help ensure a successful import, you will first need to organize all your passwords into a custom CSV file that respects the formatting guidelines below in terms of headers, columns, and rows. A CSV (Comma Separated Values) file is a text file that allows data to be saved in a tabular format. CSV is a widespread file format for data exchange between password management apps and web browsers. CSV comes in handy when you want to import data from a password manager that is not supported or when you keep your credentials saved locally on your computer. In order for the data import to succeed, the CSV file you export from the other password manager or browser must have a specific structure. Otherwise, Bitdefender Password Manager will not able to read and import the information stored inside correctly. All you need is software that can create and edit CSV documents – such as Microsoft ExcelApple Numbers, or Google Docs.

Head to the link below for the complete instructions:

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