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Access to passwords


I have Bitdefender Password Manager installed but do not appear to have any of the facilities I read about on the Bitdefender website. I do not have an icon either on the Desktop or the taskbar Why is this?

Also, I would like to be able to see and amend passwords held in the Manager. How do I do this?


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    Just to follow up as far as what may be confusing regarding what you may see or not see on your desktop, PM is different from the BD app Wallet options, in which you can edit those passwords in the BD Wallet window.

    Taken from the 1st link I posted above.

    What’s the difference between Wallet and the new Bitdefender Password Manager?

    Bitdefender Wallet and Bitdefender Password Manager are not the same product. The main difference is the multiplatform password synchronization. Password Manager is a standalone software compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS, while the Wallet is a password manager module with basic functionality that comes with our paid security solutions Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security. The Wallet is available only on Windows and does not work on Mac, Android, or iOS devices.

    Wallet integrates with the following Windows browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Bitdefender Safepay. Unlike Password Manager, the Wallet does not offer master password recovery options: if you forget your Master Password you lose all your passwords. Wallet functions are limited to autosave & autofill, auto-lock, and a password generator. You can import data from other password management applications only in .db and .csv format.

    On the other hand, Bitdefender Password Manager works with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. If you forget your master password, you can always reset it and regain access to your data. It has a plethora of bonus features that increase your privacy: autosave & autofill, password generator, password quality check, search & delete password duplicates, (un)hide passwords as you type them, security reports, password leak alert, secure notes, remote logout, biometric unlock on mobile devices. You can import data from other password management applications in multiple formats: csv, json, xml, txt, 1pif, fsk.

    I hope this also helped to answer your questions.


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