purchased premium - VPN stopped going premium

I am having multiple issues with VPN.

I have active premium subscription valid until December 2022, but for the last 1 month, VPN is considering my account as free and kicking me off.

If I click on any Advt that appears on Google search, the link always fails. I have turn off VPN and then it would work.

This is also happening on a few other sites.

Anyone has a solution?

Appreciate your help


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    As for the VPN subscription, ONLY Bitdefender staff can help you, since only they can have access to your Bitdefender Central account and your payments.

    Also, @Alexandru_BD and @Mike_BD (they both work for Bitdefender) can take a look here and help you with the issue.




  • Hello @Jaga and welcome to the Community!

    Does Advt mean advertisements? If yes, check if you have the ad blocker and anti-tracker features enabled in privacy settings:

    If both are enabled, disable them and test to see if the content is displayed as expected.

    In regards to the Premium VPN functionality, your security suite is indeed valid until December 2022. Are you trying to establish a VPN connection using a new device? I have noticed that all 10 VPN and antivirus slots are in use, thus keep in mind that the VPN can be used on maximum 10 devices at once.

    If the issue is encountered on devices that use the VPN already, try to synchronize the VPN again with the Central account, as this is where the product gets its validity and configuration from. Click on the "switch account" feature and re-enter your e-mail address associated with the Central account that hosts the Premium Security subscription. Do this for all devices that are using the VPN:

    If the above steps do not help, I would recommend contacting the Technical Support Teams, as more information might be required to troubleshoot this. You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:


    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose your desired contact channel.

    Let us know how it goes.