McAfee trojan issue

After some windows updates last week my laptop started up so I ran a full scan which said I was safe. A few days later I started getting that old "McAfee trojan" popup nonsense. I'm a home IT tech and I started seeing a resurgence of that old virus lately. I thought it might be Chrome so I reinstalled it, but the popups returned. I uninstalled Bitdefender and let Windows defender handle things and it's fine now. It is an HP Omen 17-cb003 laptop. I have Bitdefender installed on my other computers and phone. My primary PC is an HP Omen 30L desktop and I am worried about keeping Bitdefender running on it if there is something unique to the Omen brand (unlikely) or if there is something new that is getting through the firewall. I can send you the laptops logs if that will help.

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