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Dealbreaker shortcomings/missing features BitDefender Premium;Family



I am trialling Bit Defender Premium Security/looking to migrate from the same solution by Kaspersky.

2 things are giving me pause and will likely keep me from becoming a BitDefender customer:

1) Kaspersky allows me to create additional accounts for family members under my licence so that they have their own INDIVIDUAL password vaults, VPN login, Central login/Dashboard for their devices


2) Kaspersky has a software client for password management, including options for storing non login info like wifi passwords, door codes etc. on Windows and I assume Macs as well. I know there is an app for iOS and Android so the concept is understood by the developers.

In reading posts I am given to understand that multiple password vaults should be implemented any day now (Q4 2022) but also that the idea of a Windows/ Mac PC desktop client (app) for password manager has been “shelved”. WHY is this?? I know I am not alone in wanting this functionality. A single password vault login on startup is far more desirable than logging in every browser session not to mention the missing password manager functionality I mentioned above.

This missing functionality and deliberate decision to not pursue features found in competing products that many have asked for is almost certainly going to result in my not purchasing BitDefender.

People want multi licence all in one solutions that recognize individual ownership of protected devices and a cross platform password management app offering features beyond browser extensions.

If Kaspersky can implement this why can’t Bit Defender?

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