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A bunch of update error notifications + How do I delete Bitdefender VPN?

Takend ✭✭
edited October 2022 in Install & Updates

Hello, I just made a post a couple of hours ago about updates error whenever I try to update. For some reason I can't reply to it so I'm going to explain here: I reinstalled BD and now windows defender says it's out of date and I get an "update encountered an error" with a -1008 error code notification every few minutes. Also, after reinstalling, I have this shortcut for the VPN which leads to seccenter and since I use the free version, I can't use it and I don't know if I should delete seccenter.exe and the shortcut or not. I have contacted support but I have yet to get a response and I feel like this is urgent as even windows defender thinks it's outdated. I also noticed that this started happening after I installed some windows updates earlier. After reinstalling the engine version is also lower for some odd reason. I don't know what to do so please help.

Edit: Is there an uninstall tool for BitDefender free? I might try that. Also most likely not a windows update as I just uninstalled the windows update and it's still not able to update...

Edit 2: After about an hour of waiting with a mobile hotspot (since it might be my wifi) it finally worked. I'm still unsure if it was my wifi or something as I also got to 83% with my wifi before an error.


  • Gjoksi

    @Alexandru_BD Kindly check on this. Thanks.

    @Takend Wait for @Alexandru_BD's reply. Thanks.

    Kind regards.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Takend,

    I have noticed that the engineers replied on your open ticket. According to their response, this behaviour could be caused by a temporary disruption of the internet connection.

    Kindly follow their recommendation to check the steps from the below article:

    If you still encounter the error afterwards, please reply on the open ticket and wait for further instructions.


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