Change from 10-device plan to 5-devices at renewal

My current subscription ends in ~2 months. I have the 10-device plan and only have 3 devices on Bitdefender. I would like to select and pay for the 5-device plan for my renewal. Is this possible? I hope I do not have to completely cancel the current plan at renewal and sign up as a new customer for a 5-device plan.


  • Hello @EMurphy and welcome to the Community!

    Should you wish to change your license upon renewal, the current subscription plan must be canceled, as the existing 10-device configuration will renew automatically at the due date. The first step would be to cancel the automatic renewal feature using one of the methods described in this article:

    Then, simply place a new order for the desired 5-device configuration, by accessing the Bitdefender website. You will not sign up as a new customer, because the Central account remains the same and your subscription records and order history are kept as well. However, when updating your subscription device variation, a new purchase is necessary, as the variation cannot be adjusted manually prior to the renewal term of an existing subscription.

    Your current license is valid until December 30th 2022.