Split Tunneling: Can you please remove the limit restriction of apps allowed to bypass VPN?

The current limit of apps allowed to bypass VPN is 50. I need more than 50 otherwise these apps won't work.

I have to swap apps everytime and it's a nuisance. So please remove the limited restrictions.

It is our freedom of choice of how many apps we want that can bypass VPN, not yours.



  • Hello @INST,

    Can you share with us the reason for which you require so many apps to bypass VPN and also some examples of apps? I'm asking because it's unlikely to have so many apps with connectivity issues on a single device. The root cause of the connection problem may be somewhere else. Do you encounter any errors while trying to connect, or have you indentified a pattern for the failed connections? Adding this amount of apps means they will all bypass VPN entirely and I'm not sure if this is your intention.


  • I do get errors whenever I try to connect certain apps to the internet. Without bypassing VPN, they will not connect or function.

    Here is a screenshot of 49 apps that fail to operate unless they bypass VPN.

    There are more that can't be added due to the limitation of 50 apps.

  • Hi @INST and thank you for providing us with the required information. I got in touch with the product teams and they will further investigate and get back with their findings. At this point, I cannot pronounce myself regarding the split tunneling limitation, however, I think it's unlikely to have so many apps with connectivity issues on a single device. Therefore, it's worth having a look at other possible causes as well.

    In the meantime, my recommendation would be to ask our Support Teams to check the VPN connection, servers used, app version and even logs, to retrieve more technical details in order to advise on the next steps to take.

    You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:


    Kindly let us know how it goes and what their findings are, the information would prove very useful for the community.


  • Thanks for the referral and escalation.

    The only cause is the VPN app because without it, they run perfectly. It is possible that each app has different connection requirements that the VPN is blocking so that it can function properly.

    In the meantime, i would like the limitations suspended until this matter is resolved.

    With the growth of apps, there is likely to be changes.

    Just to let you know that I ain't a novice when it comes to computers as my company is a registered Microsoft Partnership Member.

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    "my company is a registered Microsoft Partnership Member"

    And now you tells us. 😊 Where have you been until now? 😊 We have been looking for a Microsoft Specialist for months/years, for Microsoft and Bitdefender related issues.

    Just kidding, just kidding. 😊


  • It's been a life long struggle but happy to help wherever I can. Since the birth of home broadband in the UK, I've been testing all Internet security softwares.

    Prior to yours was Kaspersky, who I was part of their Partner Network Program.

    By the way, I think I'm registered in your Partner Network Program since I transfered.🤔 Can't find login details.

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    @INST I am discussing this with our developers as we speak.

    Please use the link https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/help/ to raise a ticket for the engineers (select the mail option). Then, kindly provide me with the case number so I can assign it to the right team. We need to have a closer look at this, because the apps look legit as far as I can see and they should work with the VPN, without bypassing it. If there's a bug, we'll find it, but more information is required to troubleshoot this behaviour.

    It's not normal for those applications not to work with the VPN connection enabled and the purpose of split-tunneling is not necessarily to resolve such issues, hence the limitation.

    I am looking forward to your response and we shall address the PAN query as well.


  • The ticket/case number is 1007864326. It only allowed me to add one of the pictures that I added in this thread.

    All the apps are legit from Google Play.

  • Thank you @INST,

    I have asked our engineers to respond as soon as possible.