Is My Privacy Safe If Someone Shares With Me His/Her Subscription?

Can the account owner of BitDefender central who shares with me the subscription know any information about my computer or anything I do?

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    The Bitdefender Central account owner will have (full) access ONLY to the Bitdefender app(s) installed on your device(s), like doing a malware scan, anti-theft, update etc., which can be done remotely from his/her Bitdefender Central account by clicking on the button, for example "Malware Scan".

    For example, this is my brother's laptop, connected to my Bitdefender Central account / subscription:

    As you can see from the srceenshot, i have access ONLY to the Bitdefender apps installed on his device.

    I don't have access to other apps like Firefox, Word, Chrome, even Windows etc.

    I get notified only if a threat is detected on his device by Bitdefender Total Security.



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    To add here, if you are using the subscription of someone else for bitdefender mobile security for android with location services enabled with active internet connection, then through bitdefender central anti theft feature they can track your current location provided that you have activated anti theft feature on your bitdefender mobile security for android application


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