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BD Mobile Security: Bitdefender Central Reports False Alerts. Any Help?

edited February 2023 in Mobile Security

Hello everyone :)

This is my first post ever on this forum in general so go easy on me ^-^ I only have one remark to make and one more specific question / issue for you.

To get the former out of the way: The frequent and repetitive notification on my phone originating from Bitdefender Security promoting the Bitdefender VPN service (see attached file #1) is truly annoying and does honestly make your entire service look worse and cheaper than it actually is. I would definitely appreciate if you considered adding the option to change that behaviour.

To my second (and more important) point: Both me and my mum have installed Bitdefender on our phones in January 2023 and we have both been facing the same persistent issue since then. (By the way, she also had that commonly known error where Bitdefender Central mistakenly indicates that web protection is turned off on her phone, but we managed to fix that one on our own.)

What I depict in the following paragraph has to be a more prevalent issue since we are both using different devices (and different software versions, respectively) plus separate licenses, yet we are noticing the same (and by that I mean identical!) inexplicable and strange behaviour of Bitdefender Central.

It shows a "configuration problem" (see attached file #2) with the phone when there is no problem whatsoever. Sometimes it stops for a few days, then it occurs 2 times a day. It seems rather random, but I have noticed at least one pattern from my testing; it happens (reproducibly!) more often when you attempt to log in to Bitdefender Central. So when I i.e. open the web browser on my phone (Samsung Internet), visit the Bitdefender Central website (, log in with my user data and get directed to my dashboard, I can (quite often) see that the last "configuration problem" on my device (which is my phone) has occured just 20 seconds ago (visibly counting up) which is just about the moment I started the login procedure on the website; it is hard though to pinpoint the exact moment. The Bitdefender Mobile Security app on the phone itself neither reports anything that is suspicious or malicious in the slightest nor does it show any reaction at all to that alleged problem it is (according to Bitdefender Central) facing; it is simply in its "green" status all the time and there is no observable sign that it has ever been different. I can imagine that the problem only manifests for a split second (like some super short interruption or discontinuity in the communication between the dedicated servers for instance) and then vanishes into thin air so there is no time for any mortal to witness its malfunctioning.

I will provide you with further details, even unnecessary particulars, just to give you a more complete overview :)

My own device and Bitdefender software:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Android 13) with the Bitdefender Mobile Security app (Bitdefender Mobile Security, 18 months, 1 device)

My mum's device and Bitdefender software:

Samsung Galaxy A50 (Android 11) with the Bitdefender Mobile Security app (Bitdefender Total Security, 18 months, 3 devices)

Self-evidently, we both have granted Bitdefender every permission it asked for (including the accessibility related one) and set its battery usage to non-restricted.

The apps themselves (I use the Mobile Security app, my mum uses the Bitdefender Mobile Security as well as the Bitdefender Central app) are, of course, the latest versions and the phones have not been rooted, jailbroken or tampered with in any way at all!

I love everything to do with soft- and hardware and spend a lot of time fine-tuning my stuff, therefore it cannot really be me who is to blame and overlooking something. That is at least what I am still convinced of at the moment :D

I hope my description is not too cluttered or confusing and that someone out there is able to help or support me because I am honestly just baffled and extremely clueless right now.

Thanks a lot for your attention! :)

Best regards,

Christian Simon

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  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
    Answer ✓

    Hello @ChrisSim,

    Indeed, this behaviour is already known.

    To add here, it has also been noticed that whenever the phone is restarted, a notification in Central is received and this shows that there are configuration issues for the device involving Web Protection. However, when checking the device in the "My devices" tab in Central, the device appears as ‘safe’, with no issues displayed. Mobile Security doesn’t display any issues either and Web Protection is on.

    The errors have been reported in both the Central App and Central web.

    The product teams are currently investigating this behaviour and should come up with a resolution soon.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user