Problem With Safepay Screen Resolution. Any Help?

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I purchased BitDefender to allow me to use the safepay protected browser for banking, but when I go to my banking website, the login and banking setup screens do not fully display on my screen. The webpage appears cropped so that I cannot access all the needed buttons on the bank website to do my banking. As such, I cannot complete the enrollment process or select buttons needed to confirm my choices.

Is there a way to modify the screen resolution for the safepay browser or , if not, what are the screen resolution settings that my computer should use to match the default screen resolution of the safepay browser ?

If I cannot use the safepay feature, I cannot do banking, and this was the main reason for buying this program. Kaspersky has a similar feature that worked just fine, but the government encourages us not to use it because of the war.

I have used Firefox as my browser and the Kaspersky secure browser for banking before. I have never seen this problem. A quick look through the forum suggests that problems with safepay already exist. Does anyone have a helpful suggestion ? I have 25 days to fix the problem or return the software and keep looking. Thanks.


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    Hello @Toots

    When you open Safepay, does it fill your screen?

    Also, when you're in Safepay, did you happen to go to the top right corner, the 3 dots, tick that and it gives you the option to zoom in or out of a webpage?

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  • Hi,

    Check your display settings and make sure it's set at 100% and try to change the resolution until Safepay fits the screen. I've noticed that 1536 x 638 works fine for me.


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    It can also depend on what size you want Explorer to display. In my case, I'm at 160 and Safepay loads and displays web pages properly (after changing the setting in Safepay). It would be a shame to have to change that setting which helps in normal Windows viewing, in order to get one function, Safepay to display correctly.

    But yes, we have seen where adjusted screen resolution can mess things up a bit, even for the loaded Bitdefender dashboard itself.


  • Hello Scott and Alexandru_BD,

    Thank you both for responding.

    Scott - Yes, when I open Safepay it does fill my screen. My native Windows screen resolution is set to 2560 x 1440. I have located and tried the Safepay zoom settings from the top right corner. Zooming in and out merely moves the login field and associated buttons farther out to the right such that the fields are cropped and the buttons are unavailable offscreen. The Royal Bank of Canada banking login screen has a mountain background graphic that appears to slide to the left as the page loads. There is a gap between the graphic and the login fields and buttons that seems to grow or shrink as I adjust the zoom in Safepay. This changing gap space makes the fields and buttons remain unavailable no matter how I adjust the zoom setting in Safepay.

    I traditionally use Firefox as my browser. I deleted Internet Explorer off my machine due to it's age and failure to remain updated. I do have MS Edge as I am using Windows 10. However, I am not familiar with Edge. I do not recognize the screen capture that you posted titled Scale and Layout. What program is this from or where can I find this screen in Windows 10, MS Edge, Firefox, or Safepay ?

    I was able to log in to my bank account once using Firefox by clicking the edge of the login field box and using ENTER instead of the unavailable response button, but I found that once I was logged in, I still could not see all the banking information that should have been available. I really need to figure out how to get Safepay to work properly.

    Alexandru_BD - Additionally, my Windows display settings do not allow me to select a screen resolution of 1536 x 638. The closest I have is 1366 x 768. I have tried a number of different screen resolutions, but the problem remains. I think that the issue is something else. Would you have any other ideas ?

    Thank you both for your help. It IS much appreciated. I look forward to any other helpful suggestions that either of you may have.


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    Nice informative reply, @Toots

    What my image showed was for Windows 11 display settings, to find out where you're at on Windows 10, use the Open Display Settings button from the link below, and confirm if you're at the recommended settings, or if you have adjusted your Scale size to a larger size. Scale and Layout.

    With the help of @Gjoksi we promoted you to level 2, so that you can post a image of your display settings, if needed or desired.