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Most Annoying VPN


The VPN is set to automatically start in services, and added as a startup program in MSCONFIG. This is so annoying, as I had to go remove it from both, as many of us do not want Bitdefender VPN, and use other services instead (ex. Nord). This is seriously making me thinking about switching to another security program, as being force fed the Bitdefender VPN is very frustrating. It seems every few updates, it changes back to automatic startup and reinserts itself into startup items. Pretty sneaky it's not in either RUN key in regedit, so had to hunt it down to get rid of it.

Please BD, if you want customers to trust you, don't do things like this.


  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod

    Hi @Pinfold

    Have you tried totally uninstalling it from Apps (Windows)?



    Be safe, not paranoid :)

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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Pinfold,

    All customers that use one of our security suites also benefit from 200 Mb/day of free VPN encrypted traffic, therefore we need to install the app so the customer can utilize the full functionality of the product they chose.

    All Bitdefender apps are easily removable via standard platform specific mechanisms (eg for Windows, go to Programs & Features).


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