Bitdefender prevents me from installing Maya animation program on my computer

I recently purchased Maya and have tried repeatedly to install it on my computer. Bit Defender keeps me from installing it: there is an error prompt that comes up during install process. Bit Defender states that a malware/virus has been found and that the file I am trying to download is corrupted. However, this is impossible as Autodesk is a very reputable company that provided secure programs/software.

Can anyone please help me to get Autodesk Maya successfully installed on my computer, perhaps from making any product installed from the Autodesk website safe and secure; or reducing the security settings on Bitdefender.

Here is the error prompt I received from Bitdefender:


malware found in C:\Autodesk\{1CB5ECB0-6E3D-414F-A904-3DC003569F6C}\image\Setup\AdskAccessService.exe

malware found in C:\Autodesk\{1CB5ECB0-6E3D-414F-A904-3DC003569F6C}\image\Installer.exe