Advanced Anti Virus Settings Keep Changing / Notifications Vanished

Calamity Hoe
Calamity Hoe Advanced Anti Virus Settings Keep changing


I'm using BD Build on an older Windows 8.1 machine.

2 days ago, I got a warning that a new piece of software was trying to modify command lines in my OS with malicious instructions. Bit Defender (apparently) handled the threat appropriately. As soon as I finished, I uninstalled the offending software and force deleted all traces of the program.

Since then I've run multiple scans of my system -- full system scans, quick scans and so on -- and they call come up clean. No issues.

That said, I noticed tonight that several of my advanced anti-virus settings have been changed, specifically the "early boot scan" and the archives scan were shut off. (I've had other BD settings change before so this is not necessarily uncommon.) I turned them back on, and ran another scan to be safe / sure. Again, no issues were reported.

I'm not saying there's a cause and effect here between the 2 events -- settings being changed and the attempted hijacking of my machine -- but is it possible there's a connection? Could there still be an issue BD hasn't discovered?

Also, on that note, **all the notifications of this event have disappeared**. All other notifications from the past 2 days are still there, but this specific command line event has vanished from the notifications. THAT seems odd.