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How to update outdated Digital Identity Protection DIP info in settings?


Hi everyone! Hope you're safe and well.

How do I update incorrect details on the DIP?

I've just recently upgraded my Bitdefender product and DIP is included. However, I do not see anyway where I can update info, other than email and credit card details (figures!) 😀

I do not recall being asked about digital footprint / web identity but this product is monitoring incorrectly, so I feel that I have just paid for an upgrade to monitor irrelevant info. With no settings available (that I can see) I would like to find a solution to update the website it monitors to my actually site.

Appreciate the help on this. Thanks in advance.


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @CyberRose,

    Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection is a service that monitors your digital footprint. It helps you discover whether your personal information has ever been leaked across the Internet and receive instant alerts about any new breaches. The following features are available:

    • Digital Footprint Visualization: see exactly how much of your personal info has been made public or stolen.
    • Continuous Identity Monitoring: be aware if any sensitive information related to your identity is found on the Dark Web and public databases.
    • Real-Time Alerts: get alerts about identity theft attempts such as data breaches, account take-overs, and social media impersonations.

    You can add up to 10 email addresses and 5 phone numbers to have your identity monitored. If you add information about multiple people then your identity will be inaccurate. To modify the data entered during the onboarding process please reach out to Bitdefender’s support team, as the service needs to be restarted in order to update the data. You can find more information about Digital Identity Protection by clicking on the articles below:

    I hope the information is helpful.

    Should you require further assistance to reset the DIP onboarding and update your details, kindly get in touch with the Support teams by using the link below:


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