Windows 10. This morning a BD pop up told me my system was infected and it was proceeding to disinfect my system. It was then suggested that I restart my system and do a full system scan, the result was negative.Now whenever I restart my system I get a generic text message across the top of my screen telling me my system is being disinfected. This made me suspicious. I also believe my full system scan took a lot shorter time than usual, on reflection.I then logged into BD Central to ask this question but was prevented from doing so, supposedly by BD itself. At this point my pc was totally locked so I had to shut it down.Im writing this on my mac laptop.I'm assuming malware is the culprit and I believe it has compromised BD itself.I'm going to go to certmgr.msc and remove all certificates, reinstall BD, if I am able to access Central, and then do a full system scan again.

Does anyone have any better ideas? Thanks.


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