Did I accidentally allow a malicious site to force malwares or viruses on my pc?


This notification pops up and i accidentally added the the site to the list of exceptions thinking it was another false positive until i took a second look. Could I have accidetnally allowed a malicous site to do as it pleases with my PC?

"Suspicious connection blocked

Feature:Online Threat Prevention

msedge.exe attempted to establish a connection relying on an untrusted certificate to delivery.2d.net.co. We blocked the connection to keep your data safe since untrusted certificates are issued by unrecognized Certificate Authorities."

does anyone know what revive adserver is? edge was trying to connect to a

domain that says it is revive adserver that got blocked by bitdefender.

i tried using virustotal to scan the site and no results come out as a

warning. is it just some ad stuff a site is trying to use that or could

it be a malicious site. The title of the site is

revive adserver, the ip address is in france (delivery.2d.net.co - Revive Adserver (ipaddress.com)). how do i check if my pc got infected (? how do i know if there were some hidden

downloads from the site not showing up in download history?

BTW I also cannot restore to an

earlier win 11 restore point as win 11 says the files cannot be accessed

likely due to antivirus. I tried turning off everything in bitdefender

and windows defender's real time protection and controlled folder access

and tried again the same message pops up. I was told my system files

might have been infected / corrupted. Is it possibly caused by

connecting to the site or is it likely a false positive and bitdefender

is either hoarding access to some files or caused some damage to files (

i know bitdefender and windows defender are known to cause save file

corruption / damage to dark souls savefiles. for example.)


should i do? should i do a full scan just in case i actually got

infected by malicious stuff? or could everything be a false positive and

the site i connected to was just an ad site?